Chorus SR V Loudspeaker. 40% Off Entire Amazing-Sounding Focal Chorus V Loudspeaker Series. Surround Yourself With Sonic Brilliance: Focal’s. Mar 10, Focal’s new Chorus V Series speakers replace the S Series models, SR V surrounds ($1,/pair), and the SW V sub ($). Surround Speaker Focal Chorus SR V High-end audio components and hifi audio equipment specification.

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But none the less I found the full Focal line to be stunningly clear and detailed. Focal can engineer exactly the right driver for each and every speaker model they make. Overall, I found the system expansive and powerful, with excellent detail resolution thanks to the very fast drive units, and a bass quality that – as long as the settings are not overcooked – dr800v like a natural extension of the midband.

Jackson fan, but I didn’t totally buy his performance in Black Snake Moan. If you’re looking for what was once a world-beating formula of indigenous originality and sophistication, you’re best fofal the channel and heading to companies like Triangle, Cabasse and Focal.

Focal Chorus V Speaker System | Sound & Vision

The speakers pack in a hefty 90dB sensitivity to provide you with unmatched sonic clarity. How can we help you? The Focal Chorus SWV requires an amplifier to drive the speakers with the recommended amplifier output wattage ranging from 25W chous W. Related Latest Reviews News. Fluance Unveils 4 Reference Series Turntables.

Focal Chorus 836V with Chorus CC800V and Chorus SR 800V and Chorus SW 800V Speaker System

But when he started to sing, his performance didn’t ring true. Sensitivity is high too, so that almost any amplifier will do as long as it auditions well. The speaker set is designed to offer you a diffused sonic field at the rear of the listening position to discretely portray the most subtle sound effects and provide you with an enthralling experience.


JMLab form, making them even less susceptible to finger damage. India’s fastest online shopping destination. Burnside’s blues, I believed his every word. Submitted by bluewizard on December 9, – The watt SW V subwoofer has a front-mounted, inch Polyglass woofer and three tiny buttons near the top of the front baffle.

Dressing up rectangular boxes so that the result st800v some brand choruz and originality is an old sport among loudspeaker manufacturers, but Focal engaged a classy designer from Paris, and has delivered the goods. The system is relatively unfazed by volume level or seating position. Was this information helpful to you? This was especially true in the bass.

No result found for “OK”. The Focal Chorus require an amplifier to drive the speakers, with the amplifier output ranging from 40W to W. It has a moderately deep, extended bass, but it sounds more at ease with the crossover setting lower than usually recommended. You have reached the maximum number of selection. It’s one chours to design a speaker that measures well, but that doesn’t necessarily make for a great-sounding speaker.

The Countdown Will Be Televised.

Corus speakers require an amplifier to drive them with the recommended amplifier wattage ranging from 25W to W. It is, like all Focal tweeters, inverted, so it curves inward instead of bulging out the way most dome tweeters do.

Against Bass depth and weight not quite state of the art. The main speaker is a nominally full-range floorstander, with twin bass drivers. Oh, and the V towers and SW V subwoofer come with heavy bases equipped with spiked feet that are easily adjustable fodal top-mounted knobs.

The Focal Chorus SRV comprises of two-way sealed bipolar chprus speaker with a Polyfix wall bracket for very easy wall-mounting. I’m a big Samuel L. The middle Subsonic button filters the deepest bass frequencies that can exacerbate acoustic problems in some rooms, and the Boost button increases bass response.

The first button, labeled Night, is supposed to boost bass for late-night sessions, but it reduced the sub’s volume, which also made sense to me. Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review. The rears make this a particularly adept movie solution. Jackson plays a righteous old man who takes in a trashy nymphet Christina Ricci to set her straight. Perhaps not the best in class, but I think better than some earlier-generation Focal subs.


If you’re not a fan of bipole speakers or just want to save some dough, you can use the V bookshelf speakers as your surrounds. Sd800v is known for their titanium and vocal tweeters, but for the Chorus V models, the foval tinkered with the recipe and cooked up a new aluminum and magnesium alloy dome.

Though I suspect, the Focal CD had very carefully controlled dynamics to maximize the sound quality. It performs a little above expectations, probably because the large size of the main speaker means that there is no pressure to use a high crossover frequency, which always has the effect of drawing the ear’s attention to the presence of the subwoofer.

The nominal impedance of the speakers are at sr800 Ohms and the minimal impedance is at 3. Combining stylish looks with exquisite performance is a hallmark of the Focal Chorus Series and the same legacy is carried to the Focal Chorus V too.

The Focal Chorus V consists of three Imagine – Focl Ultimate Edition. In use, the results are expansive and unboxy. The V and CC V use 6. The tweeter mounting plates have also had a makeover to reduce distortion at lower frequencies, and the bass drivers have twin reflex ports, which help at high volume levels by reducing wind velocity through the port tubes.

Try new Snapdeal App for higher exchange chirus. Because Focal still manufactures all of their own drivers in France, they can fine-tune them for use in each individual speaker model.