PDF | Microsponge is novel drug delivery system formulated for topical and/or oral administration. Microsponges are po-rous microspheres. The microsponges formulations were prepared by quasi-emulsion solvent . was to formulate, optimize and evaluate Prednisolone-loaded microsponges for. Formulation and evaluation of gel-loaded microsponges of diclofenac sodium for topical delivery. Hamid Hussain, Archana Dhyani, Divya Juyal.

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The authors express their heartfelt gratitude toward FDC Ltd. The in vitro drug release study outcomes showed highest regression values for the zero order model, and also established proficiency of F1 formulation for extended drug release The drug release was determined in methanolic phosphate buffer pH 7.

Formulation and evaluation of curcumin microsponges for oral and topical drug delivery

Microspongges was observed that no measurable drug release occurred up to 4 hours because of presence of time dependent polymer. Preparation and evaluation of microsponge loaded controlled release topical gel of acyclovir sodium. The internal phase was then poured into polyvinyl alcohol PVA solution in water, the external phase.

So, the prepared formulation exhibited better extrudability which is one of the ideal characteristics a gel should possess. The rapid diffusion of ethanol good solvent for the polymer and drug into the aqueous medium might reduce the solubility of the polymer in micgosponges droplets, since the polymer was insoluble in the water.

Design and development of hydroxyzine hydrochloride controlled release tablets based on microsponge tecnology. IR spectra were recorded to check compatibility of the drug with excipients. Polymer ratio It has been observed that an increase in drug: Polymer ratio was abridged dichloromethane diffusion rate from concentrated solutions to the aqueous phase, which provides additional time for formation of droplet following improved yield.

Microsponges were prepared using quasi-emulsion solvent diffusion method using Eudragit S Probably in high drug-polymer ratios less polymer amounts surround the drug and reducing the thickness of polymer wall and microsponges with smaller size were obtained.

The in vitro release of gel formulations were studied using Franz diffusion cells. Blood samples of 0. Diameters of spread circles initial and final were measured in cm and were taken as comparative values for spreadability.


The technique adopted for examining gel extrudability was based upon percent quantity of gel extruded from the tube on finger pressure application. Received Apr 19; Accepted Anc 7. Curcumin, Microsponges, Quasi-emulsion solvent diffusion technique. The blood samples were collected from the marginal ear vein into centrifuged tubes just before dosing and at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 hour after the drug administration. Microsponges for colon targeted drug delivery system: Formulation and evaluation frmulation ketoconazole microsponge gel by quassi emulsion solvent diffusion.

Materials and Methods The materials required for the present work were procured from diverse sources. It was observed that on increasing the amount of PVA, production yield, encapsulation evqluation and particle size were increased while a slight decrease in drug release was observed [ Table 2 ].

Liposomal delivery enhances cutaneous availability microsponyes ciclopiroxolamine. A new cornucopia in topical drug delivery: Acknowledgements Authors are grateful to the Dean, College of Pharmacy, University of Hail, Hail, Saudi Arabia for his constructive suggestion and timely help throughout the work. Gel was assessed for change in appearance, pH and in vitro release profile at an interval micorsponges 30, 60 and 90 days.

Evaluation of paeonol skin-target delivery from its microsponge formulation: It can be inferred from the graph that the batch MS4 shows Furthermore, in drug delivery, the topical administration of bioactive molecules is still a challenging area with the difficulty in controlling and determining the exact amount of drug reaching the different skin layers.

Research involving human participants and animals This article does not contain any studies with human and animal subjects performed by any of the authors. The production yield of all batches of microsponges ranged from In the direction of optimization, the effect of formulation variables drug-polymer ratio and amount of emulsifier and diverse factors affecting physical characteristics of microsponge were investigated as well.

Varied drug—polymer ratio reflected a remarkable effect on particle size, total drug content and encapsulation efficiency. Polymer ratio was in more amount thereby increasing polymer wall thickness which led to the greater size of microsponges.

J Adv Pharm Technol Res.


The advantage of Tormulation includes the programmable release of drug and biological safety of the system. Texture analysis of a carbopol gel and b CUR microsponges gel. Forming polymer Carbopol was soaked in water for 2 h and then dispersed by agitation at approximately rpm with the aid of magnetic stirrer to get a smooth dispersion.

Article Information

Ulcerative colitis is an intermittent disease, with periods of exacerbated symptoms, and periods that are relatively symptom-free 16, Taking into consideration adverse drug reactions allied with oral formulations and expectation of quickly svaluation effect, many antifungal drugs are administered by topical route.

Jelvegiri Microwponges, Nokhodchi A: Microsponge formulations were prepared by gradually increasing the drug: The in-vitro dissolution studies of microsponges in the media with different pH 1. Actual drug content and encapsulation efficiency Precisely weighed quantity mg of microsponges containing drug was kept in ml PBS pH 7.

Assessing the viability of microsponges as gastro retentive drug delivery system of curcumin: Microsponges based novel drug delivery system for augmented arthritis therapy. Further, it was observed from the studies on release rate that microsponges filled in hard gelatin capsule shells batch MS4 micrrosponges Development of vitamin loaded topical liposomal formulation using factorial design approach: All the other ingredients used were of analytical grade and were used as procured.

Formulation and evaluation of curcumin microsponges for oral and topical drug delivery

The needle, with the level in the upright position, was inserted at a 25 o to 30 o angle into the skin beside vein. Development and evaluation of voriconazole microsponges for evwluation delivery. Drug-excipient interaction study Compatibility study was carried out to check for any possible formullation between drug and excipients used.

In quasi-emulsion solvent diffusion method, the formation of microsponges could be described in the following processes: The result obtains from in-vitro dissolution data has been recognized as important parameters in the drug development.