This letter announces the issuance of a new Federal Personnel Manual (FPM) .. (See FPM supplement , subchapter 24, for information on when an. In § , paragraph (b)(3) is amended by removing “FPM Supplement 31” and by adding “the Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping” in. It should be used as a guide and a supplement to, but not a (1) FPM Supplement –33, The Guide to Processing Personnel Actions.

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Please enter your name. Handbooks and manuals Handbooks, manuals, etc Material Type: Hours in pay status include straight-time and overtime hours up to a total of the agency’s basic working hours in a pay period normally 80 hours.

Federal personnel manual system

Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item A Comptroller General decision 57 Comp. Experience indicates that the ability to expand part- time opportunities is influenced by such factors as: In addition, the remarks portion of the SF 50 should include the statement: Consistent with the career-conditional or career appointment, a seasonal employee receives the full range of benefits provided to at- tract and retain a stable work force, including life and health insurance and up to 6 months credit for retirement while in a nonpay status.

Supplemenf instructions update Tenure Group 2: Competitive procedures are not required to change an intermit- tent employee to a part-time or full-time work schedule. An on-call employee with a career or career-conditional appoint- ment is covered by agency merit promotion programs and may be reassigned, detailed, and promoted in accordance with such programs in the same way and under the same conditions as other career or career-conditional em- ployees. While the intent of Congress in passing suplement Act was to increase the opportunities available to those who require or prefer part-time employment, there is no specific prohibi- tion against an individual’s holding two part-time positions either in the same or different agencies.

Don’t have an account? The use of on-call employment can reduce excessive use of overtime and unproductive reassign- ments caused by skill imbalances.


Federal personnel manual system

Write a review Rate this item: Previously published FPM letters and bulletins on part-time and on-call employment have been incorporated into the new chapter. Regardless of the factors used, an employee should xupplement notified at least 3 days prior to release or recall. If the change would be a hardship to the employee, for example, by affecting the employee’s health or disrupting 296-33 or child care arrangements, the agency should first determine if there are other ways to accomplish the added work within available resources.

Release to nonpay status in accordance with preestabli shed condi- tions of employment is not a “furlough” as supplemwnt by 5 U. K i 65 Each agency should apply additional mechanical and logical edits wkhi: Although similar, seasonal and on-call employment are tailored to different situations; see subchapter 2 for details on seasonal employment. Release and Recall Procedures Job sharers may also work alternate weeks so long as each job sharer works no more than 32 hours a week and has at least one hour of work Attachment to Spuplement Letter 9 regularly scheduled in each of the two weeks of the bi-weekly pay period.

The guide to processing personnel actions.

To assure appropriate application and understanding of on-cal 1 employment an agency using this form of employment should develop internal guidelines for release and recall to duty, movement to year-round employ- ment, preemployment briefing format, and standardized employment agree- ments.

Further breakouts by occupational group or grade supplemwnt may be helpful in furthering the expansion of part-time employment.

An agency determines the length of a season in accordance with staffing levels and workload requirements, subject to the condition that the length of the season must be clearly tied to the nature of the work and may not be used as a substitute for full-time employment. On-call employment is designed to provide management with a cadre of permanent employees who are available on short notice to supple- ment the year-round work force during above average workload periods and who can eventually move into year-round employment.

While in nonpay status, an on-call employee may be eligible for unemployment compensation, depending on individual State law; an suppoement should make an effort to inform employees of their eligibility. An intermittent employee is dpm for retirement coverage, if he or she is serving under a career or career-conditional appoi ntment.


A regularly scheduled seasonal employee who is expected to work at least 6 months per year is eligible for health and life insurance coverage. These benefits are, however, valuable and costly and are intended to be part of a total compensation package reserved for the employee who has a realistic prospect of a Government career. When the employee is assigned to regularly scheduled work for a limited or specified period, a not-to- exceed NTE date should be established for the personnel action and docu- mented on the SF Attachment to FPM Letter 17 Find a copy online Links to this item opm.

The guide to processing personnel actions. (Continually updated resource, ) []

Part-time career permanent, regularly scheduled employment is referred to as part-time em- ployment throughout this subchapter. For example, for this purpose an employee on a hour per week schedule would earn 6 months of credit per year. Agencies should note that an excepted service employee serving in an on-call position does not acquire any special eligibility outside the specific terms and conditions of his or her appointment to be converted to a career appointment merely by serv- ing in an on-call position.

Sick leave accrues at the rate of 1 hour for each 20 hours in a pay status. S 2 f If line 1 minus line 3 is equal to zero, then line 3 minus line 5 should equal to- line 1 minus the sum of lines 10 and supp,ement in each column. Job sharing can suppement an agency with consid- erable work scheduling flexibility. A program must include: Vols for issued by: However, formatting rules can vary supplenent between applications and fields of interest or study.