FRACTURAS SUPRACONDILEAS DE HUMERO. JA. janer algarin. Updated 5 June Transcript. Tempranas: Neurológicas %; Vasculares 3 Déficit Neurológico Meta-análisis fracturas. Fracturas en extensión 13% ( 34% Interóseo anterior, luego radial y mediano) Fracturas en flexión 17% (91%. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Fracturas supracondíleas de húmero infantiles: remodelación rotacional | Aim To determine if a degree of rotational.

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Regression analysis was used to study the evolution of the rotational deformity and its relation with different parameters: A mini-open procedure is recommended for the ulnar Kirschner wire K-wire supracohdileas prevent iatrogenic ulnar nerve injury. We conclude that forearm pressures after supracondylar fracture are greatest in the deep volar compartment and closer to the fracture site.

Estudio con evidencia debil pero no se uede rendomizar por cuetiones eticas.

Fracturas desplazadas no complicadas no tienen que ser tratadas en la noche. The pink pulseless hand: Bunnel WP, Duhaime M, et al: These authors analyzed 45 kids with uncomplicated supracondylar fxs and 16 with lateral condyle fxs.

The authors state that postoperative ulnar nerve palsies usually resolve spontaneously, hummero they believe that in most supracoondileas of postoperative ulnar nerve palsy observation is ppropriate. J Pediatr Orthop ; 2: Crossed pin fixation of displaced supracondylar humerus fractures in children.

Normal characteristics of the Baumann humerocapitellar angle: Clin Orthop Rel Res ; The authors concluded that an absent radial pulse after closed reduction does not require routine exploration if the hand is well-perfused. Perfused and pulseless pts were operated at an avg of The Journal of Hand Surgery ; 24A 4: The authors report three patients with cubitus varus, snapping medial head of the triceps, dislocating ulnar nerve, and posterior shoulder instability believed to be related to excessive internal rotation of the humerus.


Explorar si persisten los signos de isquemia. Ulnar nerve injury after K-wire fixation of supracondylar humerus fractures in children.

After exploration and nerve decompression, 3 fully recovered, supracondlleas partially recovered and one patient had no recovery.

Despite exploration, vascular repair, and fasciotomy, he ultimately developed Volkmann’s ischemic contracture. J Bone Joint Surg ; 70A: The authors believe pre-reduction arteriography is not indicated in these injuries.

Traditional review paper of the pulseless yet perfused hand. J Pediatr Orthop ; Relationship of the anterior humeral line to the capitellar ossific nucleus: Girls had less spontaneous correction of the rotational component.

The authors calculated the number needed rracturas harm NNH such that for every 28 patients treated with crossed pinning, 1 ulnar nerve injury would occur. Over a 12 year period, seven children had a pulseless frracturas and a seemingly viable hand after reduction and pinning of a type III supracondylar humerus fracture.

Corrective osteotomy of the distal humerus resolved these problems. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

The effectiveness of physiotherapy after operative treatment of supracondylar humeral fractures in children. Retrospective study of consecutive pts focusing on fracture patterns. They found that the degree of fx extension predicted failure of cast treatment.


Fracturas supracondileas complejas del humero – ppt descargar

Surgical technique for supracondylar fracture of the humerus with percutaneous leverage pinning. Cubitus varus is NOT just cosmetic. The surgical approach was made through the torn soft tissues without further destabilizing or devascularizing the fracture. In 10 cases vascular impairment or unsatisfactory reduction necessitated open exploration. At one year followup fractuuras groups were NOT different. Explican que el cubioto varo expone a una fuerza aumentada cizallante y rotacional que con supraconfileas caida simple fractuars aumentar tanto la transmision de carga que de para fraturar un condilo lateral.

All patients had normal function, and osteotomy was performed to correct cosmetic defects. Print Send to a friend Export reference Mendeley Statistics. The authors consider there to be 4 coronal and 2 sagittal patterns. A review of 63 patients with cubitus varus deformities, in whom no growth inhibition was apparent.


Each was explored immediately and found to have a significant vascular injury requiring repair. In the 6th case the nerve was anteriorly subluxated and fixed anterior to the medial epicondyle by the pin. Management of displaced extension- type supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children.