Type, API. License · X Consortium. Website, FreeGLUT is an open-source alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library. These kept the API (all gluts functions are usually implemented exactly with the Two of the most common GLUT replacements are OpenGLUT and freeGLUT. It looks to me that Ubuntu has provided everything that the original web site http:// has provided. The api documentation.

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New functions have been added to render full character strings including carriage returns rather than rendering one character at a time. The wire cone is rendered with triangular elements. Stopping the program this way is preferable to simply calling exit from within a callback because this allows freeglut to free allocated memory and otherwise clean up after itself.

Thus the return value may differ from the sum of the character frefglut returned by a series of calls to glutStrokeWidth. Before the first call to glutStrokeCharacter the application program should call the OpenGL transformation positioning and scaling functions to set the position of the character in the window.

Freeglut adds the floating-point widths and rounds the final result to return the integer value. In my tests freeglut continued to process the events that were already queued so performing any cleanup before actually getting out of the event loop could crash the application.


Hence a call to glutSetWindow is required, as shown in the code snippet below: Another difficulty with GLUT, especially with multiple-window programs, is that if the user clicks on the “x” in the window header the application exits immediately. Freeglut sets the current window to the window which is about to be closed when the callback is invoked.

Vertex data retrieved from: Nor does it account for the Caps-Lock key being on.

The freeglut Project :: API Documentation

A possible usage of this function is when the user presses the ESC key. Furthermore GLUT last release was back in the last century… Things have evolved a little since then and some features are missing. Freeglut seems to only work freeeglut the GameMode resolution is set to the full screen.

The glutSpaceballRotateFunc function is implemented in freeglut on X11 only. Function to leave fullscreen window mode, glutLeaveFullScreenor to toggle between fullscreen and normal window mode, glutFullScreenTogglehave been added. The glutTabletMotionFunc function is not implemented in freeglutalthough the library does “answer the mail” to the extent that a call to the function will not produce an error. In my opinion GLUT was a very effective solution and completely fits the bill. Here’s a list which is likely incomplete:.


The length of each side is sqrt 2. The glutStrokeLengthf function returns the width in model units of the given character string in the specified stroke font.

The glutWireOctahedron and glutSolidOctahedron functions render an octahedron whose corners are each a distance of one from the origin. The users callback is passed freeglur format string and a variable argument list that can be passed to functions such as apj. The glutStrokeString function renders the given character string in the specified stroke font.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The glutIdleFunc function sets the global idle callback. The glutBitmapCharacter function renders the given character in the specified bitmap font.

API/ABI changes review for freeglut

This is achieved with the following functions: Freeglut calls freegluy mouse wheel callback when the user spins the mouse wheel. Its faces are normal to the coordinate directions. The rendering position in freeglut is apparently off from Frreglut position by a few pixels vertically and one or two pixels horizontally. I know I just said this, but I think it is important enough that it bears repeating. Freeglut calls the key release callback when the user releases a key.

Second, there appears to be a minimum window width on Windows which is pixels. In this case, you should use this specific reference: