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Know that reputation is a great hindrance in the path. Tasawwuf Bayak Nazar Ghunghroo Toot Gaye Aap Biti Maqalat The cloaked, bitter and bitterly resented Shams is the Socratic figure who shifts the axis with his entrance, and marks the permanence in that shift with as dramatic a departure.

Or desire ever leave you?

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Biswin Sadi Krishn Chandr Number: If you live without love, alone, I want to know. Nought but the wave. Sharah Meraj-ul-Ashiqeen Tashreeh-o-Tanqeed Urdu Sakht Ke Buniyadi Anasir. Is it the river that never finds its way to the sea?

The door may be opened, or the lover may be shunned. Az shabnam ishq khaak adam gul shud Sadd fatinda wa shor darr jahan haasil shud Sadd nashtar ishq bar rug rooh zadind Yak katreh az aan chakeed wa namish dil shud The dew of futhan turned dust of man to mud, From which sprang up unruly passion’s horde.

How to join the mevlevi convent?.

Stay updated to all the latest features and event notifications on Rekhta. According to Daulat Shah: Az rum banazdeek tawaam mi dudam Waz ghayat amaizash tu mahjooram Waz kassrat paidashudagi mastooram Waz sehat basyaar chenain ranjuram Fughaan so close to you that I’m far apart, So completely merged that I’m separate, So vastly exposed that I’m concealed, So whole and sound that I’ll never be healed.


A lifetime long I’ve dreamt you, night and day. Added to your favorites Removed from your favorites.

Why so much advice about existence? Thine eye hath wrought my ruin, rmi so my love Send it, a thousand welcomes to the woe!

The Mathnawi of Jalalu’ddin Rumi p. Nikat-e-Bedil Deewan-e-Bedil Deewan. The Beloved cannot be held by sight, nor can He be borne, but He fughab be surrendered, and He cannot be disregarded. According to Murtada Mutehari, ‘irfan, is concerned with ontology, and discusses God, the world, and the human being.

Does the fountain consider itself separated from earth when it is compelled to break through and pour alongside its cheek?

How long will you be free of me? He recounts his own mystical journey through the stars in The Nocturnal Journey Kitab al-Isra written in Rumi Again the quiet, consuming suffering in: That life has passed, the dream won’t go away.

Fughann can be translated into gradients in indo-persian-turkce subtext pyar, mohebet, aashqui, qurbet- indicating intimacy etc. He seeks Shams as truth, as wine, as the sea. How many friends will turn from me in shame? The metaphysical chain of being, extending from one being to the Ultimate One Plotinus- insights later.

Sher-o-Sukhan Part Intikhab. It is a rope held tight for too long, tense with longing and prolonged servility. And what is wisdom, but the will to choose to perish at the feet of the beloved?


Asad, whose voice gives me bearing, and whose Singularity always guides me home. Akhtar Shahanshahi Sawneh Umri Akhbarat If you feel any desire for me, then say so. Maktubat-e-Hazrat Khwaja Baaqi ballah Naqshbandi dehlvi. Rumk dolat e makhdoomi e Shams ul Fuggan e Tabrezi Ni ma tawaan deedan wa ni beher tawaan shud Without the power of imperial of Shams ul Haqq of Tabrez One could neither behold the moon nor become the sea.

Fughan e Rumi by Molana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar

Rajindar Singh Bedi Jareeda. This aspect of ‘irfan resembles theological philosophy falsafeh-ye ilahiwhich also seeks to describe being. Poems from the Divan of Rum. Song Of the Reed Flute. Kai Chaand They Sar-e-Aasman: Click here to sign up.

Fughan e Rumi by Molana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar

Nicholson At its most vague: Nasafi in this regard has said: Principally, it means that God transcends and is radically different from the fuhgan. What we call Heart is one drop of its blood. John of the Cross San Juan de la Cruz: Retrieved September 30,from http: Choonz zindan barhi baaz darr aan kard shawwi When you escape from captivity you will return to that orb.