SKU, Model, PWM Outputs, Ports, 2 Ports, FASST, Telemetry, S- FHSS, High Speed, High Voltage, Connectors, Range. FUTL, RGF, 4, 0, 0. Updating instructions and software manual are included in the zipped files. Please unzip 12FG Model Recovery Application ( KB) – updated July 23, Futaba 12FG – GHz FASST (T12FGA) with GHz TM Module Accessories included: Instruction Manual – Futaba SD Card – 12 V AC.

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AFR AFR Function is used to adjust the throw and operation curve of the stick, lever, and switch functions for each flight condition of which there are 8. Always read [Precautions when mounting the receiver and servos] or [Before using]. Scrolling through the menus is intuitive and once I learned where to find the information, setting up manula parameters of a model is very simple.

Mixing applied in other swash modes is different, but the setting procedure is the same. Use the Function menu of the Linkage Menu to assign the sensitivity is used to stabilize the aircraft’s attitude.

No servos are provided with the 12FG. Switch selection method The various functions used in the T12FG can be selected by switch.

Futaba® FHSS & S-FHSS Rx/Tx Compatibility

For retail sales of Futaba, please visit your local dealer or Tower Hobbies. Programmable mixing is most often used to correct undesired tendencies of an aircraft and unusual control configurations. The new Funky Cub has some really cool attributes, borrowed from scale aircraft, that should add up to make it a great flying I figured this would fuyaba a good opportunity to give it and the 12FG a light workout.


It’s much closer to the 14MZ than that the gutaba price differential would suggest — think of it as a 14MZ, without the twin processors or touch screen, and a few features removed. I got sick of using my trim to kill the engine so I started assigning that task to a switch on the transmitter.

Futaba 12FG Review

Be very careful flying in areas near power lines, tall buildings, or communication facilities as there may be radio interference in their vicinity. Once again, the common menus for airplane, heli and glider all work the same. Second, why no backlight for the display screen?

It’s the other two menus where I spent all my time. 12fggh of these 2 positions can be selected by switch. And if someone else is flying that frequency, repeat the process with a different number.

FUTABA 12FG Instruction Manual

Information regarding trainer setup, transmitter name, software information, Mode 1 or 2 and more. The System menu is where you can setup the specifics of your transmitter. I’m 12fgg a trainer, so I didn’t set that up but it’s very intuitive and can be done in moments.

The instruction manual runs to pages and is divided into seven sections. Send it to the Futaba Service Center. After you’ve set your flight conditions, the trim operation can be coupled with among all the conditions which combination mode is selected.

No amount of tweaking the 12fgb menu helped, and when working indoors I often found myself wishing for a backlight. Normally, it is used with high side and low side trim function. One thing that has bothered me in the past about transmitters is either you had an airplane transmitter or a heli transmitter primarily because of the ratcheting system.


Futaba® – Contact Us

The transmitter has preset functions for the controls and trim. This may be a little borderline for some applications, and no doubt some users will wish to replace the pack with higher capacity cells.

If you want it to be slower around neutral and faster near the end point, the AFR is your option. Enter text from picture: Next, if you’re setting up a helicopter, you have 8 swash type selections available. First use the Up to 8 conditions can be used Model Type function of the Linkage Menu to preset the model type, wing type, and tail type matched to the fuselage used.

We immediately began to evaluate the backlog of Futaba parts and service requests, completing what could be done with available parts. When taking hold the first time I noticed how it feels well built and durable. There are some nice little points, however. No matter what you’re flying or the style in which you like to fly, you can setup the 12FG to control your model exactly as you like it.