?GCOI= Les belles infidèles. Title Les belles infidèles. Edition 2. Author Georges Mounin. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Samuel Toledo and others published Les Belles infidèles de Georges Mounin }. Buy Les belles infidèles by Georges Mounin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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The risk of dissonance is just as great in translations produced collectively. If the observation made earlier about certain points of connection between the experience of colonized peoples and the experience of women as colonized subjects in culture has any merit, it would seem that the idea of translation as collaboration is at best an ambivalent one.

Schocken,lrs This is the ideal. The design and final form of this electronic document is the property of the American Theological Library Association.

Presses Universitaires du Septentrion

The relative effects of such a gesture vary consider- ably, though they are potentially dramatic, particularly in situations where infidlss the biblical text in the local language becomes the first instance of writing in that culture.

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In wishing to perform such a radical act of writing, she cannot help but encoun- ter numerous obstacles, some of which I have sought to uncover here. Shuttleworth, Mark, and Moira Cowie.

Mounin, Georges () : Les belles infidèles, – Meta – Érudit

Such an understand- ing of language has certainly become problematic in light of a great deal of post-modern criticism, including some feminist literary theory. Such a method is founded, rather, on the false assumption that a translated work must be identical word-for-word to its original, a perfect mirror image. Any use, decompiling, reproduction, or distribution of this journal in excess of fair use provisions may be a violation of copyright law.

Gnosis, Philosophy, and the Order of Knowledge Bloomington: Fidelity is also aligned theoretically with concepts almost ubiquitous in Western translation discourse—letter and spirit.


When compared to the original, the translation demonstrates a lack of linguistic, stylistic and tonal unity, among others. This, I believe, is the vital starting point.

The work survives the rape by the translator and in fact is “enhanced” led “[b]eing methodical, penetrative, analytic, enumerative, the process of translation, like all modes of focussed understanding, bdlles detail, illumine, and generally body forth its object” I have shaved off his hair and pared off his nails, that is, I have wiped away all belled vanity and superfluity of matter.

Making assumptions about the morays and sensibilities of a remote civilization, and then transposing these assumptions coherently into a target text, is an artistic enterprise fraught with peril. Motivated by artistic intentions, they will juxtapose often without knowing, we should say in his defense a variety of incompatible belels Harvard University, ; repr. Deciding that the text is made up of fluid language, changeable and diffuse is a freeing gesture for the translator; however, it also means that we set into question as well the very concept of “word of God” as it has been used throughout the tradition.

Consulted July 21, As Berman demonstrates in reference to a poem by John Donne Berman,the undertaking is more demanding than it may appear.

It would seem important that feminist translators of the New Testament call into question this long-standing equation of fidelity in translation to the proper rendering of the “spirit” over against the “letter” of the text. The following versions, still by no means flawless, fare better by maintaining the simple vocabulary of the original and maintaining a unity of language and tone: Remember me on this computer.

To avoid doing so would, at the very least, further reify Pauls unfortunate formulation at a point in time when our hermeneutics ought to have moved beyond such simplifications. The concern for fidelity, for faithfulness in translation is a dense concern when it interacts with feminist practice of translating the Bible, for faithfulness has a sexual as well as a religious connotation. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

A feminist method of translation ought not to adopt gender neutral formulae blindly, as though that strategy might answer the challenge of androcentric texts. Only occasionally, as during an asthma attack, do we suddenly become aware sometimes with an excruciating pang of the ongoing process. One might well ask, At what cost? Sometimes the miracle does indeed happen.


As for the translator Edmond Cary, he wrote while keeping in mind the historians and critics who would eventually judge the translations of today: Oxford University Press, notes that every civilization has some mythology of the primal dispersion of languages.

Lez, for example, sees fidelity to lie in the last step of his four-tiered path toward translation, a step he calls equilibrium. Or is our work not always already undercut by georgex categories beles authority and canonicity? Gombrich, Art and Illusion.

Dubois, Jean et al. However, in its critique of attempts at inclusive lan- guage—to which its attitude is clear in such phenomena as index entries, where one finds “inclusive sexless language”—this position argues that inclusive language is flawed because it “distorts” the text and imposes “anachronistic” standards.

No content may be copied or emailed to multiple sites or publicly posted without the copyright holder s ‘ express written permission. Equilibrium can be established through a transaction of exchange “of words, women, and mate- 34 Chamberlain, Translation as a process of taming a wild woman of a text is perhaps the most graphic example of engendered theory, but is certainly not the only one.

Inclusive Language Lectionary,” Theology Today 43 The orientalist Jean-Louis Burnouf was convinced: The full history of the effects of missionary discourse on indigenous cultures remains to be written. Gorp, Hendrik van et al.

Jean Delisle and Gilbert Lafond. What kinds of ordeals are part of the test of fidelity? Petit essai sur la traduction. The translator confused horserace with racehorse, rendered one for the other.