Geraldine Innocente was a Messenger for the Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Hierarchy. She served in that capacity for The Bridge to Freedom Activity from. Geraldine Innocente (died June 21, [1]) is the founder of a New Age church she named The Bridge to Freedom, which was established in by her and. As early as , Geraldine Innocente, a member of the “I AM” in New York, claimed that she had been contacted by the Ascended Master El Morya (the same.

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There is also a focus on healing, particularly using forms of alternative medicine.

Geraldime messages received by the Bridge to Freedom have been compiled into books at various times and still circulate among independent “I AM” groupsbut are primarily released to the public through its periodicals, The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom Journal and the Shamballa Letter. Geraldine Innocente was supposed to have been embodied previously as Joseph of Arimathea and three times as an oracle at Delphi.

They considered the “Ascension” to be the complete permanent union of the purified outer self with the “I AM” Presence – that True Identity that is the unique Individualization of God for each person. These were believed to be individuals who had lived in physical bodies, acquired the Wisdom and Mastery needed to become Immortal and Free of the cycles of “re-embodiment” and karma, and attained their “Ascension”. Without their efforts to publish the Bridge’s teaching there would have been little access to the public.

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Decrees are used for protection, emergencies and applying the Violet Flame to transmute karma. It is very necessary! The Bridge to Freedom, an Ascended Master Teachings religion, was established in by Geraldine Innocente and other students of the Ascended Masters, after she received what was believed lnnocente be an “anointing” to become a “messenger” for the Great White Brotherhood.

Member feedback about Ascended master: New Age spiritual leaders Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The Bridge to Freedom’s Teachings The overall plan was to redeem the Earth quickly, restore it to perfection, and to bring mankind, again, into innoceente communication with the Ascended Host, so that a new, glorious golden age may manifest.


International film festivals Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

She realized that it was Master Morya and he told her mother that she was not aware of this Presence: We intend to make an example of Los Angeles. Memoirs of Beloved Mary, Mother of Jesus. This biography of a religious figure is a stub. Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The following year a dictation through Lewis printed In the January issue of The Word of God their new publication said to be from Helios given in stated: The top ten released films by box office gross in North America are as follows: Ascended master topic In the Ascended Master Teachings, Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations.

A year later El Morya let her know that the master Maha Chohan would like to give a series of discourses through her. This biography of a religious figure is a stub. Apocalyptic groups Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Before Guy Ballard passed on, Mrs.

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Year of birth missing All stub articles. Some of the major teachings innoente but hidden away until the last few decades might sound familiar to Summit Lighthouse students. Geraldine Innocente died June 21, [1] is the founder of a New Age church she named The Bridge to Freedom, which was established in by her and other Students of the Ascended Masters, after she received what was believed innicente be an Anointing geralrine become a Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood in Gustave Innocente, the father of Geraldine, in a former embodiment was the person who offered to carry the cross for Jesus.

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. She used innofente pseudonym when she published articles in the Bridge of Freedom Magazine in Great White Brotherhood topic The Great White Brotherhood, in belief systems akin to Theosophy and New Age, are said to be perfected beings of great power who spread spiritual teachings through selected humans.


According to Elizabeth the Bridge to Freedom always denied this, and that her death sent shock waves through their entire movement. Alice took copious notes during her time with the Ballards that she used in assembling the Law of Life books. To that geraldie his words were sent to Mrs. This is the ascension. It was revealed that Peter, the disciple of Jesus, was embodied as Mrs.

The Seven Beloved Archangels Speak.

Bridge to Spiritual Freedom

The Bridge to Freedom became the New Age Church of the Christ in the s but has most recently been named the Bridge to Spiritual Geealdine and not to be confused with the Bridge to Freedom, the program of advancement within the Church of Scientology. Students of Ascended Master Teachings organizations also known as Ascended Master Activities believe that their doctrine has been given to humanity by the Ascended Masters, individuals believed to have lived in physical bodies, acquired the wisdom and mastery needed to become immortal and free of the cycles of “re-embodiment” and karma, and have attained their “ascension”, a state of “one-ness” with God.

Although Geraldine Innocente thought she was El Morya’s twin flame, Elizabeth Clare Prophet said otherwise and that Geraldine was mistaken in this belief. And it is necessary.

Francis Ekey and several other key individuals left to join Mark Prophet. Students, fully committed to the teachings and applying them in their daily lives, could cross this bridge after demonstrating the necessary self-merit. It is now the biggest film festival in South Texas. YouTube Videos [show more].