Deployment. When you deploy your MSI you should also deploy the packages for Ghostscript and Xpdf. Ghostscript Lite MSI package · Xpdf MSI package. Set the Bullzip PDF Printer option as the default printer before accessing the hosted application and print as normal (If there is no Bullzip PDF Printer available in. 1. Download and install GhostScript Lite* from the following link: 2. Download and install Bullzip PDF Printer (free community edition*) from here.

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See the permissions section for more details. The installation is very simple. Specifying an invalid value will most likely result in an empty pdf file. Open destination folder after PDF creation.

I am struggling to download ghostscript lite for bullzip pdf printer

Both OnSuccess and OnError event handlers fired guostscript error and success. Add or modify text annotations, fill in interactive form fields, and, if bit 4 is also set, create or modify interactive form fields including signature fields.

If you later want to uninstall the program you can do so through the Add or Remove programs feature of Microsoft Windows. Support Forum Support Form. This feature is meant for a redistribution scenario.


I am struggling to download ghostscript lite for bullzip pdf printer – Microsoft Community

Built using Visual Studio New macro creates a random string of 10 letters ghostscirpt numbers. Modify the contents of the document by operations other than those controlled by bits 6, 9, and If you want to have an MSI package for the setup program then we can recommend the enterprise edition or show you how to build you own customized MSI package for Windows Installer.

New runonce command line parameter for gui. New setting watermarkfontname is now supported. Shows printer window in task bar.

Build an MSI Installer for PDF Printer

Support for custom license agreements. If you ghosstcript this printer from a program it is possible to change the settings directly from within your program.

The professional version of the MSI Wrapper. It now removes additional Microsoft Office extensions.

Register the MSI Wrapper to access professional features. Fixes in the printer driver.

Build your PDF Printer MSI Installer

Setting suppresserrors is default set to no. Thanks for marking this as the answer.


Runtime error should ghostecript longer occur during startup. RajithR Replied on August 24, Default GUI timeout was changed from 0 to 10 minutes for a better merging experience. Trial message is now a link for more information. The output setting allows you to direct the output of the PDF printer to a specific file.

Minor change in watermark routine. Setting usedefaultauthor is default set to yes. New setting watermarkverticaladjustment is now supported. This site in other languages x.

Normal values are in the range from ghlstscript to Remember last used folder name. New Zoom setting to determine the intial zoom factor when a document is viewed.

AllowExecute setting added to the registry to improve security. Revision 2 Copy or otherwise extract text and graphics from the document, including extracting text and graphics in support of accessibility to disabled users or for other purposes.