Home of the Open Source Delphi&C++Builder OpenGL tool. About. GLScene is an OpenGL based 3D library. It was initially written for Delphi, now it is running in C++ Builder, Kylix, Delphi and Lazarus. Introduction. This is a very basic introduction on how to combine GLScene ([[1]]) and Newton Game Dynamics (NGD, [[2]]) when writing a.

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Finally the DummyCube is also commonly used as Camera Target with the Camera a child of its target dummy cube or vice-versa. Download an example project here: GLScene uses OpenGL for rendering, if you have an hardware-accelerated graphics card that supports OpenGL, hardware acceleration will be automatically used.

It is regularly updated, but GLScene is currently growing faster than the help file. When you download code, it will be from one of these directories f.

Textures look washed away, lost colors You can see the class hierarchy and inspect separately the types, constants, routines and classes for which you can drill down to their fields and methods.

Texture compression must be supported by hardware. It should also be useful for Lazarus. FlipCode has a nice series of article introducing 3D math, and other categories that deal with more complex aspects. In this function we tutoriap apply forces and moment on the body.

Then choose the CVS checkout option. We can therefore simply say this:.

Tutorial – GLScene and Newton in Delphi (without oxNewton)

Help File and Source Code The help file has been generated automatically by PasDocso depended on the depth of commenting in the source. If the parent moves, all children are moved along, this works with all GLScene objects. The only think left to do is change your Delphi environment options to point to the new directories: Gamasutra’s Features contains a series of articles with C code most of the time on various game tutorjal issues, including 3D math.


These parameters are controlled by the newton body matrix. The SourceForge wiki still includes features and a FAQbut many of the links on the site are broken. Easy once you know how to do it Wiki A wiki at http: A wiki at http: If it’s math related, you’ll find it here. Retrieved from ” http: Views Page Discussion View source History. If you right click them again, you can now update them whenever you want.

Texturing works at design time, not at run-time Make sure the image management class are included in the compiled executable. A “checkout” is when you first download all the folders and files from a directory off the server hutorial your local machine.

TJpegImage is not compiled in the compiled exe. In the GLScene component add a cube, a plane floora lightsource and a camera. You can’t, this is a common hardware limitation, and anyway, having more than lights is not recommended performance-wise.

First, install the package, new components will be added to your palette. Place the camera and lightsource somewhere away from the cube else you won’t see it. Once you’ve checked out everything you want, you’ll notice these folders have a green highlight to them. How can I have a cube with N different textures? I wrote this document mainly for myself as a kind of reference. Personal tools Log in. We now have to place the newton body at the correct position and orientation in our world.

If you want to apply a force on a arbitrary point on the body we need to rewrite it as a equivalent force and torque system tutoriak at the CoB.


All 3D objects, from sphere to camera to light are edited from the TGLScene editor, double-click on a TGLScene component and a hierarchical scene editor tutoril popup, allowing to compose most of your scenes at design-time.

PP4S: Sources of Help for GLScene

Delphi 3Dnot exactly primers, but Tom Nuydens maintains a collection of articles on 3D rendering techniques that may help you understand how things work. Make sure you defined the bitmap’s size as well as pixel depth f. A dummy cube glsccene be used when you have no “physical” parent for objects that must be moved together, it can also come in handy when you have complex sorting or rendering needs depth-sorting for transparency, gscene, etc.

Lazarus Wiki page last modified in May gives a good introduction tutoriaal the capabilities of GLScene and shows screenshots. Newton freezes you bodies when they’re moving very slowly. This page regroups the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Where is the tutorial? This is also the way to apply gravity when CoB and CoG do not coincide. The DummyCube is a usually non-visible objects that exists in the scene hierarchy. For correct physical behaviour it is very important to set realistic moments tutoriap inertia. I’m a complete newbie so don’t believe anything I say Similarly we need to update the position of the GLCube in the Glworld when the postion of our tutorisl in de newton world changes.

Do not expect primers here though, but rather “advanced” documentation.