Get the following for FREE: Gorkamorka Campaign Season 1 -Gorkamorka Season 2. And get a FREE 7 day trial of the MiniWarGaming Vault. Gorkamorka (). Ratings & Comments · GeekBuddy . How easy is it to play this if I only have the rule book? General piemaster · 5 years ago. Tiny submitted a new resource: Gorkamorka Easy Reference Rule Books – Only the rules. No fluff or filler. Easier to print. All 3 books (Da Roolz.

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The amount of contents you get, just for the silver membership, is insane. Being too close to other orks, especially when they’re fighting, makes Nazgrub’s head hurt, which only tends to alleviate itself in a random but spectacular flare of grokamorka energy.

Adds a little more planning to the game and works well for” tailing and racing rules” if number 6 below is also used. What do you exactly mean by Living Rule Book? The backstory of Gorkamorka is a simple one. It should noted that the base of Gorkamorka model are different. A new plastic buggy kit is coming in October this year.

Get Access to the Gorkamorka Seasons 1 and 2 Series For Free

For one of the bigger Gorkamorka fansites, check out this link here: Freebooterz – Added to the game by an article in the Citadel Journal reprinted in Gubbinzbasically outlaw Orks with a pirate theme. A desolate plain awash with Internet trolls,and cheesie power gamers.

It’s like 3 clicks away. I was two sided about it at one point gkrkamorka are all those other videos worth it?


Free Gorkamorka Seasons 1 and 2 – MiniWarGaming

Victory and the favor of the Random Number God in your post-battle explorations is essential to survival, as a certain amount rulew “currency points” is spent after each scenario to represent your warband taking care of all the stuff it needs in order to survive; getting fuel, ammo, food, spare parts, medicine, etc.

Rather than using a standard circle base seen in standard Warhammer 40k, Gorkamorka used these strange egg shaped bases. Unfortunately, these devices are extremely unpredictable, and put you at the mercy of the random number god.

While this means that vehicles could be huge and hold a whole mob this generally resulted in crashing into everything and being immediately crippled by template weapons.

The primary difference was the use of vehicles. I had so much fun I upgraded my service to Silver. Looking forward to more painting videos, more batreps and more awesome-ness.


I eagerly await the day when I can truly do my miniatures justice by using all these great tutorials techniques! Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Only three books for Gorkamorka were ever released; Da Roolz rulebookDa Uvver Book background fluff, scenarios, and campaign runningDigganob expanded fluff, new factions, special characters and new missionsalongside a short run of a magazine called “Gubbinz” added scenarios, weapons, gubbbinz for vehicles, tips to build terrain, a new faction, and a scenario to use Necrons.

Doing so is essential to get “tags”, which will assure the bearer of a place on Gorkamorka when it’s finally finished.

Gorkamorka – 1d4chan

On the upside, their Shamans grant them access to a number of useful tricks and skills, their troops are all cheaper than Orks, and they can also pick up a number of powerful “ancient tech” devices. I enjoyed it back in the day, but I’ve moved on to other games. It’s a great deal for the money. Diggas can be summarized as “hard mode Orks”, essentially.

  AFI 25-201 PDF

Rles tolerate this with almost paternalistic disdain; it is, ultimately, much simpler than trying to wipe the Diggas out, especially since they have the protection of “dem fings under da pyramids”. With that being said, membership in the vault opens up twice the available content as opposed to being a nonmember.

Maybe they’re just not right in the head, or perhaps they’re so greedy that they just can’t stand to share in the profit. Orks are the mainstream mob in Gorkamorka, and thusly they are the “average” by which other mobs are checked.

I have learned a lot from these videos which have greatly contributed to my enjoyment of the games. It’s amazing because gorkamorks helps support MWG, and help them keep producing content. If you like what you see on Youtube and you are thinking about joining, but are afraid to not get value for your money, allow me to stop you right there.

Choose which Vault membership you want to try out for freefill in a few lousy fields and BOOM, it’s done. I remember once being taken to one side int he local GW and being told firmly “no” for trying to arrange a gorkamorka campaign on rulrs game night.