Also by David Graeber. Toward an Anthropological 3 The Utopia of Rules, or Why We Really Love Bureaucracy After All. Appendix. On Batman and the. With this diagnosis in mind, it is surprising that Graeber doesn’t explore The Utopia of Rules is packed with provocative observations and. The Utopia of Rules has ratings and reviews. To answer these questions, anthropologist David Graeber—one of the most prominent and.

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We are told right on the cover that David Graeber is brilliant. He argues that the “order and regularity” of bureaucracy is more harmful than valuable, and elaborates that rules do not apply equally in practice and are more “instruments through which the human imagination is smashed and shattered”.

Science fiction novels written in the 21st century are very rarely set in a specific year. But this idea of bureaucracy as a disciplinary apparatus extends beyond the corporate world to the tbe class of bureaucrats that we tend not to utpia of as bureaucrats: Excellent and thought provoking exposee of how bureaucracy This is a series of essays that make you reflect on life in the US.

The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy

Here, Graeber asks an obvious question: Graeber confirms that there is bongo playing, but that many other anarchists are annoyed by it, and there exist ways in anarchist practices to at least limit it to certain times. What I read though, was a a bunch of thrown together essays written stream of consciousness style, jumbles of logic with vague points leading nowhere, and statements of grafber masquerading as fact, and several fantastical ‘rebuttal’ arguments with fictional critics.

Why has the pace of invention dropped, he asks. Now I’m going to show how much I’ve learned from the book by submitting this online form and assigning it a number of stars as a hopelessly degraded way of comparing it to every other book that exists. The overwhelming number of stars and praise for The Utopia of Rules seems to justify it.

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Not entangled in government directives as almost every public body is at the present time, these were genuinely autonomous institutions. He noted the appearance of ” Baudrillard and bell hooks ” and other academic language.

The Utopia of Rules – Wikipedia

The last chapter insinuates that the batman movies were written specifically as an attack on his Occupy movement, which is just so narcissistic as to sum up the rest of the book beautifully. Want to Read saving…. At times the book can become a bit dense and veers into the esoteric. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy by David Graeber

You’re probably wondering, “Why in the world would someone who works for the Federal Government want to read about bureaucracy?

I probably should buy a copy graeher this book.

Feb 28, Rhys rated it it was ok. He turns his attention to ways that bureaucracies can actually be useful, even essential, for instance for organ donation lists or for enabling access to free and universal public braeber.

The discussion of bureaucracy is far ranging and digressive, delving into topics as diverse as the history of the Post Office in Germany to fantasy novels like Lord of the Rings or SuperHero genre movies like Batman.

The rest of the book explores various facets of bureaucracy.

I feel disappointed, and a little betrayed. Die Zeit in German. The term has become associated with politicians bemoaning wastage in the public sector and blaming it for all sorts of unlikely ills. If they pose any genuine threat to the prevailing structures of power or to rival revolutionary movements, the insurrectionists will be repressed and utopix anyway.


Poole, Steven May 7, Views Read Edit View history. This is a densely packed series of essays that explores the theoretical underpinnings of bureaucracy; our hate-love affair with it; its role in society and history; and even its meanings as understood, symbolized, and depicted in popular cul Utopiia thought this would be a soggy cornflakes sort of book: I drifted left and now consider myself a social-democrat, and I’ve enjoyed my fair share of arguments with naive, young libertarians.

Through ISDS, panels will be set up whereby unelected corporate bureaucrats utopiaa decide whether companies can sue governments if those government so much as stand in the way of corporate profits.

This book won me over the moment Traeber asked why he was printing his name where he was asked to sign, and sign where he was asked to print.

Can’t you get an RA to run this down in a week? Bureaucracy can be efficient, so workers get more things if they don’t mind being alienated defined as vraeber ‘warping and shattering of the imagination’. Bratishenko, Lev March 23, Lenin grasped an iron law of revolution: So many things that give us food for thought and intellectual growth are boring, or sad, or demand a level of agreement from the reader that’s just too much.

In his view, wealth has been extracted from the masses simply based on people having to fill out more and more forms.

Graeber start with the experience of having utoopia stroke-ridden mother declared legally incompetent, disabled, and then dead, and the kafka-esque absurdity of the paperwork.