Contextual translation of “horeca medewerker” into English. Human translations with examples: horeca, employees, empleados, assistants, contributor, staff. Marketing en sales voor de horeca deel 1 .. the Hospitality Industry Sector [ Handboek van de Referentie-functies voor de Bedrijfstak Horeca]. Hospitality Analysis System (“Horeca Analyse Systeem (HAS)”) of the Dutch Board for the “Handboek Referentiefuncties Bedrijfstak Horeca” (Landelijke.

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English hotel and catering industry.

Horeca????????? in English with contextual examples

Referentiefunfties If one job includes more or fewer responsibilities, tasks, etc. Recruitment via your own personnel This way of recruiting is also called referral recruitment. To get more targeted content, please make full-text search by clicking here.

Resources The instruments used to achieve the goals and to stay within the budget: The difference between job enrichment and job enlargement is that the job does not expand in the horizontal direction more of the same kind of tasksbut in a vertical direction different tasks and at different levels.

A host or hostess also has to work on holidays if other people are off. You should therefore not make it too personal and start by resolving a fundamental difference of opinion during the work consultation meetings. She needs people to work in the kitchen, to serve guests and, above all, to clean the hotel rooms as well. Personnel work work The personnel work is the operational part that primarily relates to: This is also expressed in figures in the budget.

On a battlefield no less. A job analysis is a systematic analysis of the content of a job with corresponding requirements which are imposed on the member of staff that has to perform this job. The hotel’s legendary and well-earned reputation, spanning years, is the result of its unique, personal service, homely atmosphere and beautiful setting. The organisational plan includes all policy fields in the form of subplans to enable all activities to be properly coordinated.


Division of work 1. With your creative powers you can quickly devise solutions for new situations. The financial policyThis takes the form of the financial plan including the investment plan, financing plan and anoverview of the incoming and outgoing cash flows per period, so that payment problems can beavoided.

Horeca medewerker in English with contextual examples

You can use a recruitment bonus to encourage them to search actively for candidates in their network. When doing so you can choose the most suitable reference job s as a guideline.

Different times called for this to be changed. bedrijfsttak

In any hospitality business that employs two or more people, the work has to be shared. In order to make a proper assessment of the work that has to be carried out in a hospitality business, a distinction is made between work processes also referred to as primary processes and support processes. The personnel policy is an element of the total business policy Which other policy fields are there?

The movie shows Supermans heartbroken birth parents as hamdboek send him to Earth to save him. They will help you quickly find qualified personnel.

Chapter 2 The internal organisation The advantages of task specialisation are: Difficult circumstances inconvenience These are problems that are inherent in performing a certain job. This means that he has to have competencies required in the workplace for example the specific task of chef or receptionist.

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This means that you are interested in each other and support each other in difficult times. Holding work consultation meetings will enable better and different agreements to be made, particularly if it transpires that this improves service or reduces costs within hodeca company. This requires the right coordination with regard to: The fact that large numbers of part-timers are employed in the hospitality industry means that one of the most important tasks is to ensure sufficient new and motivated personnel.

Internal recruitment has the advantage that the person in question already knows your company and will therefore feel quickly at home.

Personeel en Organisatie Engels Inkijkexemplaar

In addition, giving employees the chance to progress within the organisation can also have a motivating effect. Describe the tasks and responsibilities which are referred to in the register in conjunction with the following jobs: This too is a situation of tasks at the same level. Europees horeca vaardighedenpaspoort video. In most hospitality businesses the manager or entrepreneur is personally involved in the personnelpolicy.

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Birth parents have many motivations for placing their children for adoption. This is only possible if the teammembers know each other well, including in relation to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This means being aware of all legal regulations and of agreements handboke were made by employer and employee organisations and have been recorded in, for example, a collective labour agreement.