This was the key point of the video presented; Charles Handy used the concept of the Sigmoid Curve to make the case for significant ongoing change. Handy went onto describe the Sigmoid Curve, the curve which explains so many of our present discontents and confusions. The curve describes the ups and. I wrote recently about S-curves (or Sigmoid Curves) as a way of Charles Handy (in The Empty Raincoat) used S-curves as a way to.

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The right place to start the second curve is at point A where there is the time, as well as the resources and the energy, to get the new curve through its initial explorations and flounderings before the first curve begins to dip downward. This helped the school to manage an increase in pupil numbers, ensuring calm breaks and lunchtimes, and therefore, calmer lessons afterwards.

Leaders also need to be able to hold the paradox of embracing their business model or strategic planbeing fully committed to implementing it in all its details, while at the same time questioning whether this model needs to be replaced by a new focus. While the end of an organization is inevitable, the time and place when this happens is not. Did you get that? Learning to facilitate — one step at a time.

The second curve

We start slowly, experimentally, and falteringly; we wax and then we wane. Everything has its own natural life span, so that in birth there is death and in death there is new birth.

Building on Life Cycles The challenge to those who live through natural life sigmoud is how to create new life from existing life rather than to go down with the existing cycle and having to start from scratch again. The next Sigmoid moment for the school was when Teresa with her senior leadership team decided to increase the size of the school, and through doing so obtained significant funding for expanding the buildings.

The second curve – Leadership & Flow

In other words we should do hajdy best what we are best at for the good of others including nature. Charles Handy goes further. Get out of the bubble you are living in and meet more people, even strangers who are very different from you and who can inspire you. Before you would leave everything behind and jump out from your xurve position do the followings first:.


Let children find their own answers and solutions while working on projects instead of telling them the answers for already solved problems. Now imagine that you are driving in the countryside of Ireland and when you ask cruve directions to a little village Avocayou get the following explanation: Similarly, Teresa makes sure middle leaders have the opportunity for career development in the school, so they can potentially move up to senior leadership roles when the time is right.

And one of the most helpful models in doing this is the Sigmoid Curve. It was developed by Charles Handy, the Irish-born management guru who suggested that, to survive and grow, all individuals zigmoid organisations must plot the point on their present life cycle and then plan and implement transformational change.

The last few years have seen schools place a growing emphasis on pupil well-being.

Renewal, Innovation and the Sigmoid Curve

Measure how much money is enough for you for a reasonable good life — it can give you freedom. Before you would leave everything behind and jump out from your current position do the followings first: How do you judge when the very approach that led to your growth and success will now be the cause of your decline and close?

Schools should be designed as Socrates has imagined them hundreds of years ago: Encouraging people to be dissatisfied with the way things are today gives them permission to push the boundaries and develop new ways of working — whether this is improving and making more efficient work processes or developing disruptive products and services.

For example, Teresa has a senior associate headteacher shadowing her while she gradually decreases the number of days she works a week. Becoming too comfortable and boring at a position can be a warning sign. It is against the natural order to embrace change when all is going well but, when you plan it right, it is the best possible time because you have time, resources, and morale on your side. At the same time, they decided to restructure the school day by staggering lunch breaks into five sessions.


Reblogged this on splozza Write down, draw your dreams and see if those still make sense.

Renewal, Innovation and the Sigmoid Curve – Randel Consulting

The risk of waiting too long to introduce a new approach, and siggmoid scale down and abandon an old approach, is that resources whether of money or energy are reduced on the decline.

Life cycles are everywhere. So do products, projects, organisations, teams, relationships. And this focus needs to be continued — the job is never done.

In a similar fashion, companies have the possibility and the opportunity to launch new growth curves — but they have to do so before they reach the tipping point that leads to decline. Managing change and survival is at heart the way of all Nature.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The good sig,oid British sigmoie with jam in the middle. You also should write down your three most important roles in your life.

Csikszentmihalyi, his flow theory and his Good Business book came into my mind. For Teresa, school improvement is partly about reinvention and knowing when to do something different and what the new development should be.

Inspired by its model, the school reorganised its leadership team into four teams, each with an associate headteacher eigmoid it. Leave a Reply Curvs reply. So what is the solution to beating the inevitability of the life cycle? Most had not maintained their position; some had gone under. In Eastern cultures, life is viewed as a series of cycles or waves.

These roles can be related to money, duties and passion.