Deciding and Parting. Display it in the King’s Chambers. There is a connection to the spirits that will carry you through. Cry out even in adversity. This decree. 43 — Resoluteness — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FORTY-THREE –. RESOLUTENESS. Other titles: Break-through, The Symbol of Decision, Resolution. Hexagram 43 is called 夬, guai, which is generally understood to mean’decision’ or ‘resoluteness’ or ‘breakthrough’. The oldest forms of the.

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43 Deciding/Breakthrough GUAI

Circle of Meanings A critical moment, a breakthrough; make a decision and hexatrama it; divide, cut off, separate, part from the past; act clearly, move quickly, be resolute, prompt, certain, clear; the parting of two rivers, a parting of the ways; clean out an old wound, bring the hidden to light. Look out for the confirmation email subject line: On the seventh day Chaos died. The wise person walks away from an unhealthy mindset and doesn’t let inner struggles stop them from knowing loving kindness.

It is necessary to notify one’s own city. He has strong toes. Thanks for signing up! Some sort of negativity or punishment has the effect of traumatizing one hexagrmaa the situation can become one of enlightenment if you allow it. Because one has attained balance. During a heated exchange or times of difficulties with another it is hard to see the Teacher in the Adversary.

This is a hexagram of words with power, but now we reach the outer trigram, words are not trusted. This site is hand-crafted with pure HTML, javascript, and a healthy dose of magic. Hi Dirk, Hex 43 is about ousting a dark element the yin line at the top that is spoiling things. The cause for sorrow will disappear.


He is not in the place appropriate to him. You may be impatiently pushing forward when the time is not right to instigate action.

Failure to heed good advice when confronting antagonistic forces is bound to lead to failure. You face a stubborn problem and have to choose between two alternatives. His approach from the center results in no error. Hexgrama habituation becomes second nature over a long period of time, it cannot be abruptly removed.

LiSe sees Yu here and in line 3getting no thanks for his labours. In the short term, this might make things easier, but not in the end. Balanced action is faultless, but balance is not yet obvious.

Your resoluteness has reached a degree where you cannot stop yourself. This illustrates the shame involved in taking on something and then failing. If hexayrama choose to remain with someone who hexagra,a not share your vision, find a way to avoid participation in their negative mindset. Having no faith in the words of others shows lack of intelligence.

Heaven on the inside indicates both lasting power and unchanging truths behind this communication — probably what Wang Bi had in mind when he talked about having clear laws. If he acts in a rash way and is not able to get his job done, he will be blamed. The jun zi is determined to eradicate the little man. But there is no need to approach life with hexaframa wrinkled brow or a sense that life is fighting you. This hexagram symbolizes a marshy lake being drawn sucked towards the sky.


I Ching Hexagram 43

This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others. You haven’t gotten the message yet. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. He walks with difficulty. At line 5 — the place of personal autonomy and choice — in a hexagram about Deciding, Yi is remarkably open-ended. Raised up at the royal court, returning crying out; there is danger.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Old mental, emotional, and behavioral patters that may have kept love at bay, simply cant at this 4.

iChing Determination

Line 5 Others return because one didn’t want to continue. Wilhelm’s is most radical, advising hsxagrama direct albeit dangerousexpose of what is wrong. Any challenges you face might actually be transforming your thinking. He injures his thighs. Help those who are below you. Make no impulsive decisions. The awareness of danger and appeal hexagrams justice makes the matter clear. There wasn’t much behind it, just sort of a habit she developed.

How to cast an I Ching reading. There will be ground for blame. Disharmony flows into union. Clarify what you must do and act on it. A weight is being lifted and love will flow easily.