View and Download Hioki BT instruction manual online. BATTERY TESTER . BT Test Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Bt View and Download Hioki instruction manual online. BATTERY HiTESTER. Test Equipment pdf manual download. comparator tables and send them back to the Pencil The enhanced measurement current in the . HIOKI (Shanghai) Sales & Trading Co., Ltd.: .

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Can hold the values while measuring them, for the Mmanual use with the L, Used mznual setting configuration values. These may damage the probe or break a wire. Attach four ends of the Strap securely to the instru- ment. Observe the following to avoid electric shock and short circuits. Voltage Measurement Range Press key to display the current settings.

The ends of the test leads are sharp. Replace the pin with a new one if it is broken or worn.

Data Saved Date and time, resistance, voltage, temperature, comparator permissible values, results of judgement. Keep the zero-adjust board at least 10cm away from the instrument. Click [Transfer] on the Edit Comparator Table dialog box.

Hioki 3554 Instruction Manual

If you find any damage, contact your authorized Hioki distributor or reseller. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

The settings can also be finalised by pressing key. Wear failure values vary by manufacturer. Keep the test leads shorted until the zero-adjust operation is complete. Effect of Eddy Currents Appx. The period for which the instrument can be used continuously approximately 10 hours is mea- 35554 using alkaline batteries.


Attach the strap as described below. Handling the Test Leads For safety reasons, when taking measurements, only use the Pin Type Lead provided with the instrument or the optional test leads. After receipt of the table of permissible values is complete, click [OK].


Internal resistance warnings and failures vary by manufacturer. As shown in the illustration below, select a hole suited to the distance ,anual terminals on the battery subject to measurement. Tables of permissible value transfer will begin. Overview Specifications Downloads Options Applications Gallery Hioki portable battery testers support the maintenance of UPS and storage batteries critical to the life support of all businesses.

Press keys to select the memory no. In order to increase measurement precision, mea- sure under similar conditions e. To protect the test lead from such effects, keep metallic parts, including metallic plates, at a suitable distance from the test lead branched section. Date and time sales regalelectro. Date, time, resistance value, voltage value, temperature, comparator setting values, and comparator judgement. Keep the button pressed to switch between settings.

operations manual hioki |

Simply touch the test leads to the battery terminals to easily capture battery condition data with the Hioki BT Battery Tester. Before using it, be sure to carefully read the following safety precautions.

In order to increase measure under similar conditions. Under the initial configuration, when a measurement falls in the warning or fail hjoki, a buzzer will sound. Keep the key pressed to switch settings through the cycle shown below. The image shows that the potential gradient is greater near the sources of current.


Select [Specify the location of the driver], and then click [Next].

operations manual hioki 3554

If the date and time deviate substantially when the instrument is switched on, it is the time to replace that battery. If the USB cable is not connected, communication attempts will result in errors.

Refer to Section 7. Data stored to the selected memory no. Be sure to keep the test lead shorted during use of the zero-adjust feature. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Disconnect the test leads from the manua, measurement target. Page 16 Before using the instrument the first time, verify that it operates normally to ensure that the no damage occurred during storage or shipping.

The averaging feature can be used to change the rate of updating display of measured values. Do not use a ballpoint pen or hard-tipped pen, because there is a danger of scratching the surface and corrupting the data. Displayed when the memory number selected is already in use. Be sure not to insert or remove the mini-plug while the test lead is connected to the battery subject to measurement. Displayed when the auto-memory feature is enabled.