The Hoehn and Yahr scale (HY) is a widely used clinical rating scale, which de fines broad categories of motor function in Parkinson’s disease (PD). Among its. versus no therapy in mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease: a large pragmatic randomised controlled trial (PD REHAB). Appendix 8Hoehn and Yahr stages. Front Biosci (Landmark Ed). Mar 1; Hoehn and Yahr staging of Parkinson’s disease in relation to neuropsychological measures. Modestino.

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This has been particularly useful in assessing the reported results of new treatments and in designing research projects, because patients respond differently depending on pxrkinson disease, age of the patient and other factors. Turn recording back on. The patient is unable to lead an independent life because of the need for help with some activities of daily living.

Unilateral and axial involvement. A normal life can be.

Five Stages of Parkinson’s · Parkinson’s Resource Organization

Around-the-clock assistance is required at this stage to yabr the risk of falling and help the patient with all daily activities. Symptoms of PD in stage two may include the loss of facial expression on both sides of the face and decreased blinking.

However, increasing evidence has suggested progressive cognitive and psychiatric changes as well. Health Technology Assessment, No. If sought it is not uncommon that the physician is unable to make a diagnosis, either by sstaging most assiduous and astute physical examination or by the most advanced technology. General Information info parkinsonsresource.


Various cognitive and neuropsychological amd were used to discover if there were indeed differences due to the progression of PD. Without someone immediately present to provide assistance, the patient is in danger of falling.

At this stage, the patient is unable to live an independent life and needs assistance with some activities of daily living.

Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text. Activities of daily living Speech: Wheelchair bound or bedridden unless aided.

Diagnosis – Rating Scales

Support Center Support Center. This issue may be freely reproduced for the purposes of private research disesse study and staginb or indeed, the full report may be included in professional journals provided that suitable acknowledgement is made and the reproduction is not associated with any form of advertising.

One hand or foot diisease have been clumsier than the other may have. Patients should not fearfully conclude that when their balance becomes unstable they should immediately start watching for signs indicating that they soon will be dependent upon others. All other aspects of Parkinsonism are evident and usually diagnosis is not in doubt. Measures of general cognition divulged a significant decrease as H-Y score increased. Speech abnormalities may be present, such as soft voice, monotone voice, fading volume after starting to speak loudly, or slurring speech.

Mild bilateral involvement with recovery on retropulsion pull test.


If Stage I was missed and the predominant symptoms at Stage II are only slowness and a lack of spontaneous movement, the diagnosis may still be in doubt. In addition, there are treatments pariknson that can help at every stage of the disease. Email Created with Sketch. But not all Parkinson’s patients have tremor or other definite signs of Stage I unilateral Parkinsonism. May 16, by Staff Writer Category: A patient at Stage II can become almost normal with adequate therapy; a patient at Stage IV will have residual symptoms, and improvement is never as marked or dramatic.

In some instances, it is not applicable. This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser ywhr support. The scale is not linear; that is the patient does not remain at each stage for the same number of years; nor does any stage necessarily represent a given amount of pathology in the brain.

Five Stages of Parkinson’s

The Hoehn and Yahr scale describes five stages to PD progression:. All other symptoms of PD are also present at this stage, and generally diagnosis is not in doubt at stage three.

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