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The first five degrees of Trimsamsa are ruled by Venus.

It is the chest of Time Personified. That the word “Jiva” applies to Jupiter is well known to those who have datnam Sanskrit texts on astrology.

One Hora is of 15′ of arc.

Hora RatNam

At a time when good effects are naturally indicated, one should make efforts to gather wealth or to undertake journeys. We can understand that planets with dignities like placement in exaltation sign, Moola Trikona sign, own sign, or friendly sign can deliver auspicious effects in their dasa periods; planets in debility or in enemy’s sign will in their dasa periods produce inauspicious effects, as can be known through the help of astrology.

Varaha Mihira has divided the limbs of Kala Purusha Time Personified in twelve parts based on the signs commencing from Aries. The strength of the Moon will give a fertile mind.

Hora RatNam – Free Download PDF

Now narrated are the terms Kendra, Upachaya and others as per Varaha Mihira. You guys are doing an rtnam job. The Moon and Venus are female planets, and the rest are male planets.

Although narration of “exaltation” forms part hoda the sub-heading of these verses, it is not included in the quotation. The chariot cannot move with just a single wheel. That particular direction should be treated congenial for the sign in question. Astrology is in principle attributed to eighteen sages in all.


The above is a literal rendering of the original text.

[PDF] Hora Ratnam – Free Download PDF

Here the author has given the views of three different a authorities about the limbs related to the twelve signs. Knowldge of arithmetic “Paati”multipliers “Kuttaka”-treated by Brahma Gupta and, algebra “Beeja” is essential in calculating planetary positions and other astronomical phenomena.

There are three different kinds of Gandanta discussed elsewhere in this work and also vide pages 13 and 14, chapter 1, Jyotisharnava Navanitam, English translation by R.

Narada Brahma’s son 9. Lf the 6th is aspected, in this case, by Saturn inimical to the Sunthe house loses its status as Upachaya and is like any other Anupachaya house.

The Sun’s weakness will be troublesome around the age of These texts possess a mine of information, which are mostly non-genethliacal and are used to foresee civic events.

Hence these limbs will be long in this case. Lord Surya’s instructions are also identical. Why Smriti and Sruti lay down rules of do’s and don’ts, meaning why duties in the current birth are prescribed? The sign becomes strong, should its lord, or Jupiter Mercury or the Moon aspect it. Now stated below are of signs as village resorters etc.

The quality of speech depends on Mercury.

The Sun himse1f fire and the Moon water. The eleventh sign, Aquarius, is a male carrying an empty pot on his shoulder. Some texts wrongly stipulate that Saturn’s weakness will reduce grief and his strength will increase grief. Kinsfolk and happiness are governed by the 4th house. Taurus, Pisces, Aries and Aquarius are signs of short ascension. One must Indicates these ratnzm results related to soul etc. Kanyakubja in ancient days was known as an abode of learned Brahmins.


Gunakara author of Hora Makaranda specifies the three natural qualities under various planetary lordships, thus. Other Uses of Directions: The five elements have also further use in matters relating to physical growth of a person, just as the three humours phlegm, bile and wind are connected With his health.

Kesavarka poses a query: If such an ascendant is unoccupied, the lord of the decanate of the said ascendant will indicate the Ritu of birth. For, when we need to know of Upachaya places from that sign or planet, we count from that sign or planet as many places as required.

The Saptainsas of an odd sign are counted from that very sign and in case of an even sign from the 7th thereof. In odd signs, the two Horas are ruled by the Sun and the Moon while in’ even signs these are ruled by the Moon and the Sun.

The sign Cancer resembles crab in appearance and represents oceans. As per the school of sage Badarayana, the sign that is ratnqm with an angle is strong.

The Sun God states, “in whose-ever Trimsamsa I am placed, the person will acquire such planet’s qualities”. However, in assessing directional strength of a sign, the nature of a sign being centipede and footless is ignored. Bala Bhadra throws light on this aspect thus. Religion also righteousnessparents etc. Once a planet crosses its Paramochcha or deep exaltation, it is Avarohi, and is not to be treated as in exaltation. Aries is the first sign which resembles a goat in appearance.