He saved Peyton Lockhart’s life when they were kids — but now she’s all grown up and he’s a seasoned FBI agent who comes to her rescue again in the new. When a woman’s dream for the future turns into a nightmare, a handsome FBI agent makes her vulnerable to more than she ever imagined in this novel. I don’t know what it is about Julie Garwood that keeps her at the top of my eagerly awaiting list. Her heroines typically are gorgeous and naïve.

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Garwoox 07, Anne OK rated it really liked it Shelves: I totally disagree with Uncle Len decision. In the mean time Peyton and her two sisters are offered a deal by their wealthy uncle who owns a bunch of resorts. Finn comes over one night and she has cooked for him. A graduate of a prestigious French culinary school, Peyton has just lost her job as a food critic.

Books by Julie Garwood.

One being th I was drawn into this novel in the prologue but as the hero and heroine went their separate ways, it was mostly telling until the heroine, Peyton, returned home for a wedding.

And what was up with the whole family forcing cousin Debi on them? I was waiting and skimming a little bit in the meantime for the story to begin. He goes on to become a “hotshot” Olympic gold medalist swimmer and jotshot “hotshot” FBI interrogator. Finn is on the job and although they become close he’s in denial that he he loves her can’t leave her alone. Overall it was the inkling of a serious topic packed into the folds of a fluffy marshmallow read.


The love scenes are steamy, and there are several of them. Format OverDrive Read 1. Then there was the secondary plot at Bishop’s Cove, a resort on an island off Florida. Love is blind, okay, I got it.

Hotshot (Buchanan-Renard #11) – Read Novels Online

Usually I would go more in depth as to why this book fell short, but doing so would just make me even more suspicious of the true author. Why bother naming the series after particular characters, if they or some distant relative isn’t going to feature in all of the books? I didn’t feel a romantic connection between them at all.

One being the three girls make an agreement with the uncle so therefore they could not sell the resort. Finn is very happy in his life. HR tells Peyton that she can’t file a sexual harassment case until she’s been there 3 months.

Finn MacBain meets Peyton Lockhart when she’s a little girl in the beginning of this book. Finn and his two brothers stole that portion of the story and I got a great sense of their family dynamics. So Peyton had the advantage during his brother’s wedding. After getting some evidence against him she takes off only to be chased in a snow storm and almost run off the road and shot at.

Loved, loved loved this book. She seems to constantly fall from the frying pan into the fire with her choices, but it really takes the cake when she accepts a job offer and finds the boss expects sexual favors in exchange for her keeping her job. Aug 19, Crystal Gale rated it liked it.


After working in restaurants during college she discovers a love for cooking.

REVIEW: Hotshot by Julie Garwood

There was a problem adding your email address. Get the latest news Got something to flash? And every year she thanked him for saving her life. Open Preview See a Problem? The resort that is their future livelihood seems to be beset with attempts to sabotage the opening date and drive up their budget, such that they are teetering on the brink of failure. She even help to hide it. But when the threats against Peyton escalate into dangerous territory, she enlists the help of her childhood friend, FBI agent Finn MacBain.

Penguin Random House Australia Imprint: When Finn told her to stay put she understood why and found stuff to do within the secure not counting the constant appearance of cousin Debi confines of Bishop Cove.


Being on TV, Peyton had a chance to see her hero. Finn McBain is dubbed a “hotshot” hero at age 14 when he rescues little Peyton, only 5 years old, from drowning in her backyard garood pool.

Add in the fact that I was the sixth of seven children. A graduate of jullie prestigious Fren 1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood returns with a novel of family drama, suspense, and—of course—romance.