Grasscutters are easy and very cheap to rear. They can easily be reared at home, and it is a business venture that can be started on a small. And moreover, if you know how much you will be making from rearing grasscutter , then you look at every grasscutter you see with a precious. For us who love Agriculture, the expression of this passion is seen in the things we either grow, rear or trade. Starting on a Medium scale.

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How the poor can invest in grasscutter farming

Everyone loves it and it sells very fast. Grasscutter farming in Nigeria requires time, energy and effort but if you make a small research on the financial status of big Grasscutter farmers, you would definitely want to start up your own Grasscutter farm right away.

Contact via Whatapp or call us on Pls I what to invest in this? How much will it cost me to start grasscutter farm with 5 colonies. However, if any of these is not the reason behind the ailment, deworm the animals and give them long acting antibiotics.

And does all the female give birth the same month. A male grasscutter is sexually matured at 8 months reaching a minimum weight of 2. The grasscutter meat is indeed very popular in Africa and especially in Nigeria; thanks to grasscutter farmers who are trying their best to make this meat readily available to buyers and consumers.

The cages can occupy any available space in your house, compound, or store or even the kitchen. We sell livestock and Doc birds and turkey foreign and local at an affordable price. Invest in Grass cutter farming business today and make profit one colony is just 48, note that we do nation wide delivery in case of distance and any other inconvenience all you have to do is to book down in farm and pay for cost of transportation then we do delivery.


By iwillteachucrypto – on November 18, Well, just like George said, trading or shorting Bitcoin is too dangerous because of the volatility. I can supply you from Onithsa here through Peace Mass Transit or through any of our members in Lagos.

My question is, does grasscutter feed elephant grass that have been dried under the sun?


They also love Sugar cane and most farmers use sugar cane mainly for their feeding, Guinea grass, Gamba grass, Congo grass. Even if you think, that I need yoor number and to get the grass cutters? Each colony must have a very health male. Darlintonl Pls where can som1 get good breed of grasscutter in abuja?

How is it possible? Abimbola September 3, GrassCutter is not rat and is not ebola infested. Play games and share the videos on the YouTube and by using the Now after you make the payment, follow this instruction to ensure prompt delivery of your E-book and the corresponding bonuses:. Andrew chinedu September 6, Good morning thanks for the info pls can you send your contact I am really interested Reply.

Joshua December 6, My phone number is The currency of this age is information. Secondly, Who are in the business in Abuja and their location? The selection should be made on the basis of weight; the male should be 0.


How to Start a Portable Grasscutter Farm.

Thanks so much for this! Any changes in concentrates should be made over four to five days in order to allow the digestive system to adapt. Chinedu Eluwa Account Number: During the training period, purchase of desired colonies would have been made.

Nelson Enweliku January 22, What is a grasscutter? Taking the below test for example: For the population that still prefers the old-school ways of making purchases, farm houses are still available to cater for that option. For us who love Agriculturethe expression of this passion is seen in the things we either grow, rear or trade.

Oga this is a good work, God bless u, but I need your no to make the contact more easier.

The squeeze cage is a compacted cage used to handle the animals more easily. Such number will bring you nothing less than N5 Million when they are matured for marketing.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana ▷

Thanks for the article, I want to start this grasscutter farming how can I get the cage and good species to buy. The indefinite mating period is days. To construct a pen that is conducive for the growth and well-being of the animals, the building should be well ventilated and facilitates enough light to enhance ohw activities. Otherwise, the demand for grasscutters is growing by the day hence making it a viable venture more Ghanaians should consider.