The MCA Series is a monolithic control circuit containing the primary functions required for DC−to−DC converters. These devices consist of an internal . Step Down / Step Up / Inverting DC-DC Converter MCC. Apr. – Rev. – 1 -. HTC. SOP-8 PKG. DIP-8 PKG. ORDERING INFORMATION. Device. MCA/B. Jan. – Rev. – 1 -. HTC. SOP-8 PKG. DIP-8 PKG. ORDERING INFORMATION. Device. Package. MCAD. MCAGD.

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What i’d like to do htd use the Android Tablet the same way, even if it means creating new software for the Android environment rather than Windows.

Shenzhen Httc Electronic Tech Co. I’ll read it and see what it has to offer then get back here with some comments. Sign up using Facebook.

12v to 5v DC high efficiency SMPS buck converter using 34063 IC.

The small Tablet computers make an exceptionally nice base for a number of different pieces of test equipment, a multi channel volt meter just one example.

The reason i bring this up in this thread is because im doing all this for a Tablet computer anyway, and also that if you havent used one for your test equipment you may be interested in looking htf that. That’s basically good htf we have a constant load. Oh ok, that’s an app note about gate drivers I thought it was an app note that pertained directly to that chip. The program board i have does it that way too to regulate the 12v program pulse amplitude.


Free Shipping New and original 20pcs/lot HTC34063A HTC34063 34063A HTC SOP-8

The circuit for this buck converter is nothing original, basically it is the circuit from the IC datasheet, and all I did was to use an external PFET 3406 of the external PNP transistor shown in the datasheet. Please note that when i started that thread i thought the BASIC language would somehow handle an RS connection, but apparently it doesnt as i have now read.

Im going to be looking into this more and finally i’ll be building up the circuit. I’m trying to get an idea when some of the classic switching controller ICs were introduced 3403 it marks the point when switchers started to become ubiquitous.

MCC Datasheet(PDF) – HTC Korea TAEJIN Technology Co.

These are stacked so to get battery voltage it reads the current then subtracts that reading from the voltage to give true battery voltage. This language allows quick changes right on the Android Tablet so i can set up different things quite easily. All the time however we need 5v regulation, so that means we absolutely have to use the voltage regulation mode of the ic chip.

To participate you need to register. Re the waveform skipping etc, that was not happening at currents over 0. On thing that confuses me in the MC datasheet is why is there a uA78S40 mentioned there as well.

This part was also available from Motorola as MC But what it doesnt do is read RS The Tablet load could be represented by a load that changes in value like a lower to higher resistance and then back again depending on mode of operation either strictly running the device or both running and charging or just charging, and if charging what state the battery is in.


MC Calculator Online > Step-Down, Step-Up, Inverter

Hi Hyc, Oh yeah pretty nice! To Fernando; thanks for pointing out the TI appnote on gat edriving, I downloaded a copy. I’m not sure who cloned who. Hi MrAL, sorry I don’t have any tablet experience at all, not owning one. Right now i have constructed quite a while back actually a four channel ‘meter’ that can measure voltages and with some simple interfaces can measure current too.

I can’t imagine the same company adding or maybe removing a diode and an uncommitted opamp and calling the product something completely different. Replacement Transformer Started by ncag Today at 7: I don’t have too much old Fairchild stuff on the shelf.

For more on the history of switching supplies: You might be able to get similar specs in something convenient like a TO pack but since it doesn’t need heatsinking you could use any package really. Sometimes it’s good to have 43063 sense of the history of electronics. Here’s how the board turned out, tidied up a bit and neat enough to be buried deep in a robot chassis. I couldn’t find any earlier sources, and I don’t have any early data books by Motorola on my shelves.

That allows easy testing of battery cells of just about any type very versatile set up capabilities which allows testing of four cells simultaneously. Energy conversion efficiency is very high due mainly to the choice of external components used with the cheap SMPS IC. Shenzhen Sanland Technology Co. A Aug 6 ’13 at