Human Diagnostics – HumaLyzer Convertible and versatile., Due to its low minimum reaction volume of µL the HumaLyzer is ideal for. Humalyzer Semi-Automatic Photometer with large display. Product Information. Wavelengths , , , , , nm and free pasitions; Total of. Service Technicians Clinical Lab Forum Humalyzer Service And Operator Manual RUI SANTOS Ministery of Health – Cabo Verde Hi.

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It helps laboratories ensure that their test results are precise, reliable and comparable, irrespective of where in the world they are obtained. Combilyzer systems can only be used with either Combina 11 S or with Combina 13 strips. The assay range comprises enzymes, substrates, and electrolyte assays with high precision and long stability. Stefan Burkart leaves Entscheiderfabrik The last day of the fair at this year’s Medica was also the last In the early days of venous blood collection, glass tubes were the only collection container available.

The compact semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzers are perfectly suited for small laboratories and as backup solutions. An external PS2 keyboard allows for a more convenient input of patient data and transfer to LIS eases handling.

Numerous improvements — such as an even faster measurement with less blood or a strip ejector minimising infection risk — manial it the best HumaSens system ever.

Sample barcode reading for secure, automatic sample identification is standard on the larger instruments. All feature validated applications, high quality reagents with long shelf lives and on board stabilities, ensuring the highest cost efficiency and result reliability.


Extensive studies have been carried out to ensure their utmost safety and reliability. Each analyzer offers different features for different requirements. Allergy Janual for the detection of total IgE as an aid in the diagnosis of allergies.

They are hunalyzer for traditional tube, slide and microplate techniques. Ascom appoints Ljubisav Matejevic to lead the Strategic Alliances business.

All automated systems are fitted with reagent refrigeration, barcode readers, and washable HumaStar SR cuvettes, and can be upgraded with optional ISE modules.

Humalyzer 3000 Chemistry Analyzer

Flexible washing protocols can be programmed; programs for shaking and incubation are also freely definable. Today, the clinical performance of plastic PET blood collection tubes is equivalent or even better compared to glass tubes. Kit formats Mxnual is integrated in the respective test kit reagents and works Complete kit includes all components necessary for a test while the samples are incubated.

HUMAN offers instruments with various capacities designed for laboratories from low to high throughput. You get a highly accurate and reliable result in less than 5 minutes!

All reagents meet the high European IVD quality standards. Ascom invests further into its strategic partners business by appointing The advantages of PET blood collection are obvious: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Due to this AHD ist the only 2 x 1. The last day of the fair at this year’s Medica was also the last HumaLyzer Photometers Page 31 Compact semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzers are perfectly suited for small laboratories and as back-up solutions.

Tests are designed and manufactured according to the high European quality standards and provide rapid and accurate results. Dengue, Chagas, Borreliosis Tumor Markers Careful interpretation of tumor 30000 results have led to a substantial increase in their clinical significance.


Clearing is achieved in a run; reagent kit includes reagents but no standard; otherwise few minutes e. Controls and Calibrators for all systems are available on a regular ordering schedule.

Seamless switchover from flow cell to cuvette measurement Software: HumaTrol P Lyophilised bovine serum, target values mainly in the abnormal range, assayed 6 x 5 ml Hemostat Systems 82 83 Hemostasis 84 Complete kit 2 x 1 ml The photometer can be equipped individually with up to 8 out of 12 different filters.

The most important clinical application of tumor markers is the monitoring of cancer once it has been detected. With four channels, the instrument covers the most commonly used fluorescence dyes. With its simple touch-screen operation, the highly automatic workflow, 50 on-board sample capacity and a humalyzef sample identification it is a state-of-the-art analyzers for medium- and large-scale measurement of glycated Manjal HbA1c.

Human Diagnostics – HumaLyzer Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

They offer a high degree efficiency and are affordable for the use in research and diagnostic clinical laboratories. HumaNex A1c enables a quick, fully automated and reliable quality-analysis of HbA1c in whole or diluted blood.

Damit technologies, solutions and services. Over the past 40 years HUMAN has always acted in accordance with internationally recognised quality standards.