The 10 day classified HUMINT-CI tradecraft Course (Reserves) is a hybrid course that combines HUMINT and counterintelligence concepts, procedures and. Apr 5, Intelligence Tradecraft Topics: Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Acquiring Human Intelligence Agnor, Francis. “The Interpreter as an Agent. Oct 2, As a former HUMINT collector, I am no stranger to the mocking cries of Instead, they need to find creative tradecraft solutions to our modern.

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It is hard to detect because the secret message is a very small component of the larger amount, such as a few words hidden in a Web graphic.

Clandestine HUMINT operational techniques

There are many differences between active measures and covert action. Care must be taken that the news release does not “blow back” on the clandestinely sponsoring country. Occasionally, they may produce a profit, and that can be confusing for headquarters financial managers, provide a local but perhaps traceable source of funds, or both.

Views Read Edit View history. Chapman, “Patriot or Traitor? In such an approach, both clandestine intelligence and covert operations personnel live normal lives, perhaps carrying out regular military or government functions, but have prepared documentation of assumed identities, safehouses, secure communications, etc.

In some cases, the dead drop might be equipped with a device to destroy its contents unless it is opened properly. Plame was, for starters, a former NOC — that is, a spy with nonofficial cover who worked overseas as a private individual with no apparent connection to the U.


Basic spread spectrum uses a fixed set of frequencies, but the signal strength in any one frequency is too low to detect without correlation to other frequencies. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The statement betrays a lack of understanding, not just of the methods of intelligence, but of good practice, tradecraft, and common sense.

Tradecraft – Wikipedia

In the “Foreword” ixWilliam E. The focus is on tradecraft practices and the capture of Andersson because of “the ineptitude of an ill-trained young case officer sent out from Moscow.

Cover is one “consideration to be weighed in connection with any examination or re-examination of the modus of unconventional operations. Despite interagency coordination huminf, the United States is too huint to achieve full coordination between all the overt and covert means of exercising influence abroad.

The new illegals never mix and never enter into contact with the old ones who have been working in the country for a long time. For security reasons, this ideally will be done outside the agent’s own country, but such may not always be possible. In reality, clandestine communications personnel may be aware of the direct contact, but newer electronics allow the leader to manage his or her only communications.

Skills here can include the operation of cameras appropriate for espionage, methods of carrying out documents without detection, secret writing.

Espionage techniques Types of espionage Counter-intelligence Intelligence analysis Military intelligence. Other agents recruited by residencies are gradually organised into agent groups of three to five men each. Be the first to see new Humint Tradecraft jobs.

In huminnt review, Joseph C. The editor of the Yale University Press collection of articles from Studies in Intelligence stumbles somewhat with a throw-away line in the headnote to this article: Every day, thousands of employers search Indeed. Certain services, such as name checks, communications, cover identities, and technical support may reasonably be combined, although the requirements of a particular field network should be held on a need-to-know basis.


At every meeting with an agent one should study him and obtain new data on his potential and talents, thereby providing a better basis humiht judging his sincerity and deciding how much trust to place in him.

AA17, discusses some of the complications involved in using the buoyant ascent technique for debarking agent personnel from a submerged submarine. Propaganda operations take the form of disinformation articles placed in the foreign press.

Humint Tradecraft Jobs, Employment |

Proprietaries, which can be large businesses e. Its “First Chief Directorate uses active measures such as agents of influence, propaganda, and disinformation to promote Soviet goals. In the military, responsibility for maskirovka easily can be at the level of a deputy chief of the General Staff, who can call upon all levels of government. How many vacation days do you get bumint Still, the agent may need to have an emergency escape procedure if he confirms he is under surveillance, or even if he is interrogated but released.