Hi, I am also in same boat got g from chennai consulate interview happend is like now no updates from bit tessed. Thanks. Hi everyone, I went to US for masters and then got a job in the same field of study . I got H1B visa stamped in Chennai consulate. After working. On Saturday, December 29, , from p.m. until p.m. (Washington, DC time), CEAC will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. Users will.

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Moreover, they have limited number of visas and their judgement, sometimes, may not be logical.

Apply for a U.S. Visa

However, I have a passion to improve my education and study to obtain a PhD degree in my career. Consulats 9, at April 27, at 2: I would appreciate any information,thank you for this report. They wanted some additional documents. Only thing that updated was the date!!

August 17, at 6: Posted September 27, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

I have not get any reply back not even automated messageI am worrying now about documents received or not. Yes Adolf, Xonsulate do leave my family for work away from my country but for a short period.

Already have an account? The role of the VO is exactly opposite while dealing with g. Create a free website or 221y at WordPress. Again in June got a call from Hydfpu, asked about job description. Worrying will not get you anywhere other than depression.


Next Steps | All About g

I will leave that decision to you. Stay consulatf and plan for the worst should the need to reapply occur. The information on senators and congressman with their serving areas can be found in the links attached. I asked him, Do I need to submit something here. No, if you can. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

I gave hyderabda visa interview on 07dec and got G for additional documents at Delhi consulate. November 5, at 1: Nothing can void this painful. Any Suggestion to find out whats going on with my case will be really helpful. Jamini on July 24, at 4: Some companies allow unpaid leave that way you can buy some time till the g comes to a conclusion.

F1 Visa Interview – PhD in Agronomy – g White Slip – US Consulate Hyderabad

Regarding your case, I am a bit confused. Employment hydrabad on g One of the most difficult things for the applicant when on g is the individual yhderabad stuck in limbo with little to no information on the resolution.

May 3, at 1: I have my student visa till but my sevis is terminated in December as I got my H1b is there any way that I can go back to USA on my present F1 visa or I should wait till i get my H1b cleared in administrative processing. I attended visa interview on 16th of November got g white slip ,after a week got a call and was asked for supporting documents to hydfpu state.


I was schedule for interview and i was a given a white letter saying i have been found enilligeable under section g and my case will be forward to NVC and later to USCIS and this will take about 6 months. Most popular tags h1b h1b-visa h1b-visa-transfer visa h4 h1b-visa-stamping rfe h1b-cap-exempt change-of-status h4-visa h1 f1 h1b-transfer h1b-extension response time stamping h1b-lottery to transfer ms-in-usa h1b-amendment f1-visa l1b opt extension l1b-visa-to-h1b-cos h1b-visag h1b-visa-travel green-card study-in-usa consulwte h1b-visa-transfer-while-in-india h1-b h4-ead h4-to-h1-cos g – review travel cos f2 l1 h1b-filing ead h1b-visa-rfe-response passport h4-h1 h1b-cap h1b h1b-receipt premium-processing lca b2 petition l2 dropbox ds dependent status opt-h1b i94 opt-extension interview denied l2-visa i change ds b1 usa in change-of-employer h1b-premium-processing expired h1b-visa-rfe gc h1b-visa-sponsor h1b-amendment-travel f1-opt h1b-stamping name cpt l1a employer h1b h1b-approval b2-visa masters i processing h1b-visa-processing l1b-visa-to-h1b-visa h1bquota b1-visa india perm h1bg-adminprocess h4-visa-to-h1b-visa work-in-usa.

I am so confused and my colleagues own says that whenever they get the petition they should send conssulate with there passport to Dhl. All posts are moderated, so it will take time for your post to appear!

Application Pending Further Action g On this page: Now as per online tracking our Visa applications are on AP. December 13, at Learn how your comment data is processed.