Introduction. (This introduction is not part of IEEE Std P, DraftStandard for a Common Mezza- The mezzanine card’s local bus can be PCI, SBus orother local buses as they are developed in the . Relationship Between VME, VME64 and VMEbus. .. Other Host PCB Mechanics. Compatibility – IEEE P PMC module which complies to PCI Local Bus Specification Revision Provides one multifunction interrupt. 5V signaling. Created for compact PCI Mezzanine Card site rack-based system designs, the read-writer’s form factor (PMC) conforms to the PMC IEEE P/Draft

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Copyright c IEEE. When this cover rests upon components greater than 1mm in height, the cover itself may violate the CPCI specification where it rests on these components.

Common Mezzanine Card – CMC – PH

If a host computer does not use all of the connectors, this space is open to be utilized by additional components. This is not a manufacturing dimension with a tolerance. The CMC is designed to provide for this flexibility. Furthermore, the viewpoint expressed at the time a standard is approved and issued is subject to change brought about through developments in the state of the art and comments received from users of the standard.

Eraft logic also needs knowledge about the capabilities of the CMC card. In these situations more height is needed for the component vertical space.

Ieee desktop computers, portable computers, servers and other types of computers with face plates, the mechanics of the CMC slot opening can be derived from the mechanics in Figures through As a result, drzft two CMC form factors are defined, single width 1p386.1 double width. Mezzanine Card Mechanics This chapter defines the mechanical dimensions for mezzanine cards. The host slot opening provides mechanical support as well as EMI shielding.


Designers must realize that if one side’s height is increased, the other side’s height is decreased accordingly, since the CMC envelope can not be changed. The solder side iee is nominally 1mm thick.

The existence of an IEEE Standard does not imply that there are no other ways to produce, test, measure, purchase, market or provide other goods and services related to the scope of the IEEE standard.

PCI Bus, PC CardBus, PCMCIA, Reader Writer, Mezzanine PMC

Whenever the PCB’s vertical position is changed, the corresponding standoff and connector’s seating surface shall also be changed.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Use of information contained in this unapproved draft is at your own risk. These connectors shall be referred to as xraft receptacle, or “Jn” connector. Depending on the functionality of the CMC, anywhere from one to four connectors may be used, and in any combination.

Mezzanine card suppliers may design and manufacture mezzanine cards to meet higher shock and vibration performance levels as well ddaft meet other national and international shock and vibration standards, so long as the minimum requirements specified in this standard are met.

Common Mezzanine Card – CMC – PH

See Table in the previous chapter for the recommended power consumption and dissipation for each of the mezzanine card sizes.

It is recommended that host computer vendors clearly specify to what environmental level the computer can operate and to which national and international environmental standards the computer was designed and tested. All signal pins are surrounded by either voltage or ground pins.

The position shown is for reference only and is not a recommendation. The maximum height of this area depends on whether the reference plane of the mezzanine card is 10 mm or 13 mm above the host.

In event a different stacking height of 10 or 13 mm is used, the shoulder and host receptacle connector heights shall all be increased by the same height. In when the effort to develop a mezzanine card standard was started, there seemed to be a market need to shrink the SBus IEEE mechanical form factor such that it would fit in p13861 single VME board slot. Care should be taken when installing the boards in systems that have extreme solder-side component heights or in system chassis rdaft do not allow clearances specified in the PICMG or IEEE standards.


Should three slot hosts be used, the third set of connectors shall be labeled J31 through J CMC bezels shall be electrically isolated from the mezzanine card’s signal ground plane and shall meet the minimum requirements in section 4.

Other entities seeking permission to reproduce portions of this document for these or other uses must contact the IEEE Standards Department for the appropriate license. First angle projection has been used throughout this draft standard. The first critical dimension is the distance between rear connectors 0. This will allow for double sized CMCs to iieee plugged into those slots. If the host’s local bus operates on the 3.

The two legs on the bezel also provide the standoffs for the front portion of the mezzanine card. Definitions, Abbreviations and Terminology SBus cards are Standoffs are required to be tied to iefe mezzanine card’s circuit ground. Not shown is the spacer for the CMC bezel. For single slot hosts, dravt connectors shall be labeled J11 through J This minimum time period shall be 10 bus clock cycles long.

No limit is defined for the length of this protrusion. Max power load — per module, combined power rails 5V, 3.