Enter a world of timeless seduction, of ancient intrigue and modern-day passion. Enter the dazzling world of Karen Marie Moning, whose acclaimed Highlander. With his long, black hair and dark, mesmerizing eyes, Adam Black is Trouble with a capital T. Immortal, arrogant, and intensely sensual, he is free to roam across. The Immortal Highlander By Karen Marie Moning – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis , sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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I find it well thought out and from Kiss of the Highlander on, the beginnings of her rich Fae world are forming and the plots all flow together nicely. The cherry-popping galore in Scotland continues, with a rumble and a boom. It seems to be one book a year for me but it’s always good to be back in this wonderful Highlander land again. I want one for my own!

His favoured glamour is that of an intensely sexual Highland blacksmith with a powerful rippling body, golden skin, long black hair, and dark, mesmerizing eyes. They are also known as Faes or fairies, but Adam is no Tinkerbell.

Seduction of a Highland Lass. Now he knows she sees him and is determined to get her to help him.

Because that Adam Black. Sign up here to immortql your FREE alerts. Adam Black has piqued my curiosity in the previous Highlander books: Pretty much had ksren drop it after msrie minutes of listening to it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Enter Gabrielle who has lived under the burden of being able to see the Fae her whole life. Buy from our partners. The ending – wow the ending was just perfect!

To make it worse she also curses him with the feth fiada which makes him invisible to mankind. The question you need to ask yourself is, will you be able to live with yourself if you don’t let yourself have a happy-now, and end up having had nothing at all?

Spell of the Highlander | Karen Marie Moning

I had a small feeling it was going this way but the way she did it reaffirmed Adam as my favorite Highlander. Click below for the itinerary of events.

From the moment she lays eyes on Adam, she knows he could be her undoing, which is very dangerous for her, as the Tuatha De, which Adam is a member, have eradicated all Sidhe-seers from the earth.

Pretty temping for a lonely virgin, I’d say. Sometimes I can’t help but sigh over the hunks in the novels. I think the monkng was, Adam stole the show and she didn’t have enough “spark” to stand on her own.

The Immortal Highlander

Gabrielle is a pretty awesome heroine. She cannot take her eyes from him.

Aug 03, Pages. She understood now why her friend Elizabeth, with her near-genius, analytical mind gave wide berth to murder mysteries, psychological thrillers, and horror stories, and read only romance novels.

The Immortal Highlander | Karen Marie Moning

With one last Highlander book left for me to read, I am a little saddened to know that the end is near. Now, no matter mlning hard Gabby tries to avoid him, Adam is everywhere, invisible to all but her—perched atop her office cubicle in too-tight jeans, whispering softly from behind the stacks of the law library, stealing her breath away with his knowing smile…all the while tempting her with the promise of unimaginable pleasure in his arms.


Stripped from his Fae powers and forced to live in the human world, Adam Black has never felt higghlander vulnerable in his entire existence. She was a fun character and this story had some funny parts that made me laugh out loud. She’s feisty, full of passion, Adam’s Irish Ka-Lyrra, and just trying to fit into a world that she’s never quite fit into. Her novels have been published in over thirty countries. I’m ending the series here since I don’t think anything can top Adam Black!

I should have known it wouldn’t work for me after hearing this, right at the beginning: Published July 26th by Dell first published January 1st Do not be seduced.