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Here, I am 2102 to discuss how I would spend minutes inside the examination hall. But before doing that, let me tell you about my strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the IIFT exam as a student, so that you can understand the logic behind my course of action.

The usual attempt vs. I always pick attempt over accuracy.

Fortunately or unfortunately, lack of super competence in any section permits me to do that. Now, I would talk about each section in the order I would attempt them in the paper. The cut-off for this section is usually low, as low as 1. The good part is that there are match the following questions in GK, so even if I can find two correct matches just by working through options, even then I can get to the right answers. To prepare for GK, I suggest going through the happenings of the past 3 months.

Like it or not, IIFT is a speed test and those who are good in English will always do well in a speed test. I go for a kill in this section attempting all the questions in 15 minutes. This section is lengthy and has a mix of easy and difficult questions.

If there are any questions on Syllogisms and Logical Deductions I attempt them first.

My idea in this section would be to attempt 3 caselets. There are few questions which are based on the factual data which can be easily traced in the passage and few questions with match the following construct. My aim is to attempt all such questions, without reading any RC completely. I consciously read quickly and my aim is to attempt at least questions across all the RCs in 20 minutes.

Rather than focusing on caselets, I scan all the caselets and attempt those questions which are less time consuming.

Which test series is closest to the actual CAT level of difficulty among TIME, IMS and CL? – Quora

My aim is to attempt questions in this section in 25 minutes. I read those few two liner questions in round 1. In the remaining time, I first pick questions from Arithmetic and then from the other topics. You should follow the time allotment sikcat.

Remember, that the section could be difficult than expected. The number of questions mentioned per section are the attempts by the author and his strategy to solve the paper. Sir, Simdat want to know that how much sectional cut off required to get into the iift Delhi, if m belong to sc category.


Are there any chances of getting shortlisted by IIFT. Sir, I just had a query. Does IIFT reward marks for the incorrect questions I felt that a couple of questions in quant and LR were incorrect Do the marks get added to our score?

I am a non cl student. I am worried about the gk.


Srv, You have a chance but it is a borderline case, the GK cutoff could be anywhere from 1. According to CL estimates I should get a total score of Should I be expecting a call? What are the next steps I should take for the exams coming ahead? Abhi, the interview shortlist is common for both the campus. My estimate 0212 GK cutoff is 1. Sir, I belong to obc and getting Is this score good enough to expect a call. My Overall score is simcwt Made an attempt of 64 questions LR and DI together And VRC is I had one more doubt.

The last DI had a small error in graph C. Was there a printing mistake or it was deliberate? Appy, it is possible that IIFT will claim that it was delibrate but I am sure that it is printing error. Sir I cleared all the sectional cutoffs and got Is it any good? Hi sir, Acc to score calculator my quants score is 8. Cleared all sectionals as per the answers provided by CL. Have been taking IIFT papers as mocks: Practised two ssix section paper, really not comfortable with that.

Pls help out in time allocation for a Six section paper. Can we expect change of paper pattern from 4 to 6 section? Isha, these scores are by and large fine and ijs should be able to do well in CAT. My score is somewhere between What should I do in the last few days left?

Manisha, focus on the sections in which you can increase your score. And I am getting around 78 percentile 40 marks.

I am doing fine in English, but my Quant stands at only around 55 percentile 5 marks. With only few days left for the exam, could you say the areas which I should focus the most to maximize my score in this section? My strategy of attempting the paper is as follows: GK — 5 minutes 2. VA — 15 minutes 3. RC — minutes 4.

LR — minutes 5. DI — 15 minutes 6. Because I attempt QA in last 30 minutes,due to time pressure I lack the speed. So, I end up reading every question and then realizing that I may not be able to do it. On an average I am able to attempt questions in this section. Although I attempt one liners in R1 but I am not able to pick the right and doable questions and get stuck in difficult ones.

Should I change my strategy? Can you please guide me how to work on it in these few days? Mehak, the only change that is required is of not attempting 1 liners that are not from your area of comfort or that will take time for you to solve. You do not attempt a question only because it is a 1-liner, you attempt a 1 liner if it from your area of comfort and can be smcat by you simcst about 3 minutes.


Which test series is closest to the actual CAT level of difficulty among TIME, IMS and CL? – Quora

Call me at in the evening in case you need to discuss this further. Sir i have completed btech this year but i have 1 pending backlog which i will give in may and result will be out by july so can i get provisional admission in colleges like imi, imt, fore and submit my documents by july if i get a good cat score?

Because my entire exam goes well until I start solving DI. Sridhar, whenever the sections are combined there is only a sectional cutoff so theoretically you can get a call from IIFT without attempting DI if the QA and DI sections are combined, however it will be prudent to not leave DI completely and get at least marks. SNAP institutes have in the past rejected students who have a zero or a negative score in any section and IIFT could easily do the same. Can i get any iim sir, without any work experience.

Shanky, there can be only one correct answer to a question else you will have to mark multiple answers. However IIFT usually has a couple of incorrect questions and you could be looking at those questions. The mock paper on Cat website has 24 questions on RC, Can we actually expect the same to happen? I recently gave a mock test with 6 rcs and VA scores plummeted like anything.

Sir m gettng 86 to 91 prcentile in ims simcat. Was having huge expectations out of my self which was being overpressurising n getting panicking.

Also should i fill mdi college based on the above percentile in mocks? Shyne, it is difficult to extrapolate the score of IMS mocks since the number of students taking them is not known.

If you can relax a bit during the test then hopefully your scores will also improve. You can apply to MDI especially if you have a good academic record. Utkarsh, IIFT cutoffs fluctuate a lot every year. While it was You should just look forward to maximize your score in each section. Sir, regarding the number of attempts mentioned in the article, are they enough to feel safe about clearing the cut offs?

Just go with the mindset of maximizing the score. I intend to do so in the week leading to 22nd. How do you rate my score. Which area s do you suggest need s improvement.