The methyl red and Voges-Proskauer tests are used to differentiate between bacteria based on the production of fermentation products when growing with. In IMViC test there are four biochemical tests and this test are carried out IMViC test is carried out to identify members of the Procedure. The four reactions are: Indole test, Methyl Red test, Voges Proskauer test and Citrate Procedure: Bacterium to be tested is inoculated in peptone water, which .

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A coliform is a gram negativeaerobic or facultative anaerobic rod which produces gas from lactose within 48 hours. Keep these tubes in slanting position for about one hour and the results are noted down. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. The term “IMViC” is an acronymm for each of these tests. Requirement Glucose phosphate broth Methyl-red indicator Test culture. If the bacterial cells are able to produce enzyme citrate permease can utilize citrate because this enzyme can facilitate transport of citrate into bacteria then a bacterial cell can utilize citrate.

Modified stable Kovacs’ reagent for the detection of indol. Here only mixed acid fermentation produces a sufficient amount of acid which can be detected by methyl red indicator.

By modifying the composition of the media and adding agar, a single “X”-compartmented petri dish was prepared containing all four IMVic test media.

Simplified 48-hour IMVic test: an agar plate method.

Indole can be produced by some members of Enterobacteriaceae family by hydrolysis of tryptophan. These tests both use the same broth for bacterial growth.


Result — If there is the formation of the pink colour ring then the Indole production test is positive and if there is no ring formation then the test is negative. Mechanism As we know there are two types of fermentation carried out by members of Enterobacteriaceae family Details are mention above in M-R test In methyl red test we detected the mixed acid fermentation and here in Voges-Proskauer test, we are going to determine butanediol fermentation by detecting product acetoin.

Archived from the original on The VP test uses alpha-naphthol and potassium hydroxide to test for the presence of acetylmethylcarbinol acetoinan intermediate of the 2,3-butanediol fermentation pathway. This fermentation mainly produces neutral products. The members of Enterobacteriaceae family have the ability to obtain protoco and carbon by utilization of citrate.

These IMViC tests are useful for differentiating the family Enterobacteriaceaeespecially when used alongside the Urease test.

Improved hour methyl red test. The lower case “i” is merely for “in” as the Citrate test requires coliform samples to be tes “in Citrate”. The IMViC tests are a group of individual tests used in microbiology lab testing to identify an organism in the coliform group.

M — Methyl red test. The citrate agar is green before inoculation, and turns blue as a positive test indicator, meaning tesy is utilized. Journal List Appl Environ Microbiol v. Triple sugar iron test TSI is also included in this test. Retrieved from ” https: To carry out Voges-Proskauer test determine the capacity of bacterial culture to carry out fermentation. Open in a separate window.

Imvic Test – Protocolpedia

Now when we compare this two fermentations process, mixed acid fermentation produces more acidic products and it acidifies the incubation media. Parallel tests with conventional media showed that the agar plate method was superior, more sensitive, faster, and simpler to perform, and less time was required to identify Escherichia coli by 72 h. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. In this way, Indole production is detected.


Tests with 87 cultures, representing 7 genera in the family Enterobacteriaceae, were completed with typical correct IMVic patterns for all cultures within 48 h. Please review our privacy policy. In the IMViC test there are four biochemical tests and this test is carried out individually. Butanediol fermentation — This fermentation is carried out in Bacillus, Enterobacteriaceae, Serratia.

IMViC – Wikipedia

Here in V-P test after fermentation, the medium is treated with alpha-naphthol and KOH solution and due to the addition of this acetoin is oxidised to diacetyl. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Associated Data Supplementary Materials.

The broth is called MRVP broth.

Here we are going to use a protein rich that is tryptophan-rich broth. Hence the change in colour of medium to blue indicates positive citrate utilization test. Am J Clin Pathol.

The agar contains citrate and ammonium ions nitrogen source and bromothymol blue as an indicator.