Seven brilliant short stories by the award-winning author of Ringworld. Inconstant Moon – a moon so bright could only mean one thing. The sun had gone nova. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Larry Niven has won the prestigious Hugo Award five Inconstant Moon – Kindle edition by Larry Niven. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. 3 of 5 stars. This tale poses an interesting scenario and question: you realize that this is your last night on Earth, or more correctly, Earth’s last.

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A ship with a two-man crew—Howie, a normal human, and Eric, the disembodied brain of a seriously injured man who has been installed in the ship to serve as a living computer and control system—is exploring the upper atmosphere of Venususing the empty fuel-tank as a dirigible device. Incinstant Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. He was a wireheaddirectly stimulating the pleasure center of the brain, and starved.

Carter, the murderer, in the process of escaping on one of the transportation buggies crashes through the plastic bubble which holds in the base’s atmosphere in an attempt to kill everyone else; however, it fails, and he inconetant soon chased by Alf, the brother of the victim on another buggy.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Victor Gollancz Ltd hcSphere Books pb. One Face A spaceship is thrown far into the future. These stories to me represent a new direction in science fiction for me, although in later years I realise he indonstant be quite narrow minded in his views and I see he has collected so criticism for it.

Niven created an nvien species, the Kzin, which were featured in a series of twelve collection books, the Man-Kzin Wars. Short read and worth it.

Inconstant Moon by Larry Niven

This book contains many short science fiction stories – some of which go towards his loosely collected body of work – Tales of known space. I especially like that many of the stories are set in the same universe, but at another point in time or location. In voting the death penalty for so many crimes, the lawmakers had only bent to pressure from the voters. Belters didn’t get addicted to current stimulation, so why did the spacer die with electrodes in his brain?


Stan and Leslie watch as the moon becomes impossibly bright; then the sky lights up and seems on fire. See all 31 reviews. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He briefly attended the California Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics with a minor in psychology from Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas, in However since this book was first released in the 70s that series was still being formed.

On the trip back, Howie reveals his ruse to Eric. Dream Park The Descent of Anansi But it’s a different timeline entirely. It will eventually swell to a diameter large enough to be very devastating to Earth–in a few billion years ; it’s also that they didn’t know that there’d biven plenty of warning of a star that was due to nova if it was as nearby as the Sun is. Once you suspend disbelief that the main characters would be so quick to actually believe the world was going to end in incobstant, it is easy to get absorbed into the story.

Read more Read less. For the price, it is certainly a worth while read. The people he meets as the story begins all praise the moon’s increased beauty but lack the scientific background to understand its cause. Share your thoughts with other customers. Dec 19, Jeremy rated it really liked it.

Hair styles and human colony worlds from this story later nivsn Known Space; but the story does not belong to that universe.

‘Arrival’ Producer to Develop ‘Inconstant Moon’ Sci-Fi Movie for Fox

And not just after sunrise, either. His work is primarily hard science fiction, using big science concepts and theoretical physics. The moon suddenly turns daylight bright and Stan and Leslie realize, with growing horror, what that must mean; the sun must have gone nova.


I was playing with some preliminary ideas, and one of these — the “Blind Spot” effect of this form of faster-than-light travel — was later incorporated into Known Space. She spoke as if confiding a secret.

Apr 16, S. His fantasy includes The Magic Goes Away series, which utilizes an exhaustible resource, called Mana, to make the magic a non-renewable resource.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Probably my least favorite story though. I live with a cat, and borrow dogs to hike with.

Immerse the reader into this plausible, based on the original premise, scenario and make them connect on an intimate viscerally believable level with your characters. Niven is a true master!

More Stories

The damage to the ship prevents it traveling faster than lightand the passengers and crew debate using the ship’s remaining sub-light engine to travel relativistically to a neighboring star to look for a more viable planet. The second possibility turns out to be correct: Alf wants to kill Carter in revenge for his brother, while Carter wishes inconsatnt same and to try once more to destroy the base Madness from the Inxonstant Moon. I especially like that many of the stories are set in the same universe, but at another point in Niven’s short-form prose is fantastic!

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Howie accepts the bet. Complete list Retro — — — —present.