The use of marcet boiler industrial application in pratice Dust Collection Systems – Industrial Boilers America IBA manufacturers and supplies. 2/Switch on 1 safety valve, 2 boiler with insulating jacket, 3 Bourdon tube . Applications of Marcet Boiler include water boiler, gasified, power. For the purpose of this experiment, a Cussons P Marcet Boiler unit However industry applications vary widely as such an arrangement.

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And when their forces on them increases, and are not allowed to occupy more area, they exerts pressure on the container, which gradually increases with temperature.

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Practical application of marcet boiler. A water tube boiler heats by water flowing through …. Thermodynamics deals only with the large-scale response of a system that we can observe and measure in experiments. SAVE … or steam directly for industrial production and people’s … a small amount of applications.

The heater was switched off and the boiler temperature was left drop until room temperature was reached. The conversion efficiency can be rather low due to elutriation of carbonaceous material. Log In Sign Up. The steam temperatures was recorded at different pressure readings when the boiler is heated and cooled. Pour in additional distilled water if necessary.

A quick inspection was performed to ensure that the unit is in proper operating condition. Differ when the percentage of error is positive, it shows that the experimental yield less than the theoretical yield. This may because of the errors made in the experiment.


Besides, before doing the experiment, we need to learn how to use the equipment to avoid failure in completing the experiment.

Water boils at saturation temperature to produce steam. The Distilled water was pour in additional if necessary.

marcet boiler industrial application

The state of equilibrium depends on the pressure between the water surface and steam. Marcet boiler was made by Nathan …. To study the relationship between the pressure and the temperature steam in equilibrium with water. In this experiment, the relationship between pressure and temperature is found to be directly proportional.

He made this boiler for measuring the vapor pressure of saturated liquid. Steam that does not condense on the food product escapes as a mixture of steam and hot condensate through a drain at the bottom of the set of steam trays. Allow boiler cool down to room temperature. A few changes on the ideal gas equation of state allow its application in the properties of real gas. To determine the vapour pressure curve. Water at room temperature was boiled until The application of boilers in industries includes: Allow steam to come out from the valve for about 30 seconds, and then close the valve.

industrial application of marcet boiler – Steam Boiler Manufacturer

Then, the heater was turn off and the steam temperature and pressure began to drop. The upper part of the level sight tube, V3 was opened to drain the water and then the vales V1 and valves V2 was opened to drain off the water.


The boiler was allowed cooled down to room temperature. The graph also shows that the curve of pressure and temperature are directly proportional as the temperature increase with pressure.

If the steam are not allowed to escape from the container, their internal pressure will increase. Volume of one unit mass of steam is thousand times that of water. This step is important to remove air from the boiler as the accuracy of the experimental results will be significantly affected when air is present.

After studying the results and plotting the diagram we find that the relation in between pressure and temperature is directly proportional. Therefore, one may approximate at low temperatureis like the equation above. Bourdon tube pressure gauge g. Help Center Find new research papers in: An ideal gas obey the equation of states that relates the pressure, the specific volume or density, and absolute temperature with mass of molecule and the gas constant, R.

Give the reason why it is necessary to remove air from the boiler at the beginning of the experiment.