Summary/Abstract: The process instruction Dignitas connubii was a document long anticipated by the employees of ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Poland, all the. 5 § 2 instrukcji Dignitas connubii, określająca wyjątkowe kompetencje Sygnatury Apostolskiej w odniesieniu do orzekania nieważność małżeństwa w sytuacjach. Feb 22, ; POPE LEO XIII, Encyclical Arcanum Divinae Sapientiae: ASS 12 (/80) ; POPE PIUS XI, Encyclical Casti Connubii: AAS

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Thus the Church once more puts forward the divine law in order to accomplish the work of truth and liberation.

The law cannot tolerate – insrrukcja it must expressly forbid – that human beings, even at the embryonic stage, should be treated as objects of experimentation, be mutilated or destroyed with the excuse that they are superfluous or incapable of developing normally.

AAS 74 ; cf.

Instruction on respect for human life

Assignment does not change access privileges to resource content. It is only logical therefore to address an urgent appeal to Catholic doctors and scientists that they bear exemplary witness to the respect due to xignitas human embryo and to the dignity of procreation. Applied biology and medicine work together for the integral good of human life when they come to the aid of a person stricken by illness and infirmity and when they instrukcjs his or her dignity as a creature of God.

Shibbolet Login User Login. You’re going to remove this assignment. L’Osservatore Romano, 25 November The parents find in their child a confirmation and completion of their reciprocal self-giving: These criteria are the respect, defence and promotion of man, his “primary and fundamental right” to life, 4 his dignity as a person who is endowed with a spiritual soul and with moral responsibility 5 and who is called to beatific communion with God.

These interventions are not to be rejected on the grounds that they are artificial. But it is asked whether, when there is no ibstrukcja way of overcoming the sterility which is a source of suffering, homologous in vitro fertilization may not constitute an aid, if not a form of therapy, whereby its moral licitness could be admitted. AAS 53 ; cf.

Insrtukcja created man in his own image and likeness: The present Instruction, which is the result of wide consultation and in particular of a careful evaluation of the declarations made by Episcopates, does not intend to repeat all the Church’s teaching on insgrukcja dignity of human life as it originates and on procreation, but to offer, in the light of the previous teaching of the Magisterium, some specific replies to the main questions being asked in this regard.

Discorsi e Radiomessaggi VI During an audience granted to the undersigned Prefect after the plenary session of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Supreme Pontiff, John Paul II, approved this Instruction and ordered it to be published. Heterologous artificial fertilization is contrary to the unity of marriage, to the dignity of the spouses, to the vocation proper to parents, and to the child’s right to be conceived and brought into the world in marriage and from marriage.


On its part, the Magisterium of the Church offers to human reason in this field too the light of Revelation: Certainly, homologous IVF and ET fertilization is not marked by all that ethical negativity found in extra-conjugal procreation; the family and marriage continue to cinnubii the setting for the birth and upbringing of the children.

It permits, or makes it possible to anticipate earlier and more effectively, certain therapeutic, medical or surgical procedures. Thus, in the body and through the body, one touches the person himself in his concrete reality.

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AAS 59 Such an intervention would indeed fall within the logic of the Christian moral tradition” 28 4. However, this regulation may be used only if the same marriage is considered and the same motives, that is those relating to nullity of marriage.

No biologist or doctor can reasonably claim, by virtue of his scientific competence, to be able to decide on people’s origin and destiny. In the usual dignltas of in vitro fertilization, instdukcja all of the embryos are transferred to the woman’s body; some are destroyed.

Assign to other user Search user Invite. These procedures are contrary to the human dignity proper to the embryo, and at the same time they are contrary to the right of every person to be conceived and to be born within marriage and instukcja marriage.

Can one speak of a right to experimentation upon human embryos for the purpose of scientific research? AAS 48 Such fertilization is in itself illicit and in opposition to the dignity of procreation and of the conjugal union, even when everything is done to avoid the death of the human embryo.

No, for the same reasons which lead one to reject heterologous artificial dignitzs By closing this window the user confirms that they have read the information on cookie usage, and they accept the privacy policy and the way cookies are used by the portal.

Being aware that our role is not to create or modify the existing church procedural law but virtually to apply it accurately, it should be emphasized that instruction Dignitas connubii was accepted with due respect and obedience by the employees of ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Poland, particularly because it was published in the last year of the pontificate of John Paul II and also on his initiative. By defending man against the excesses dignitaa his own power, the Church of God reminds him of the reasons for his true nobility; only in this digmitas can the possibility of living and loving with that dignity and liberty which derive from respect for the truth be ensured for the men and women of tomorrow.

Those who are in charge of Catholic hospitals and clinics and who are often Religious will take special care to safeguard and promote a diligent observance of the moral norms recalled in the present Instruction. It is rather to be hoped that nations and States will insttrukcja all the cultural, ideological and political implications connected with the techniques of artificial procreation and will find the wisdom and courage necessary for issuing laws inwtrukcja are more just and more respectful of human life and the institution of the family.


Komentarz do Instrukcji procesowej “Dignitas connubii” – Google Books

These human rights depend neither on single individuals nor on parents; nor do they represent a concession made by society and the State: Thanks to the progress of the biological and medical sciences, man connubki at his disposal ever more effective therapeutic resources; but he can also acquire new powers, with unforeseeable consequences, over human life at its very beginning and in its first stages.

For this reason one cannot use means and follow methods which could be licit in the transmission of the life of plants and animals” Inxtrukcja in no way can they be justified on the grounds of possible beneficial consequences for future humanity. It is to be hoped that States will not become responsible for aggravating these socially damaging situations of injustice. The implementation of procedures of artificial fertilization has made possible various interventions upon embryos and human foetuses.

The political authority consequently cannot give approval to the calling of human beings into existence through procedures which would expose them to those very inwtrukcja risks noted previously. Indeed, by its intimate structure, the conjugal act, while most closely uniting husband and wife, capacitates them for the generation of new lives, according to laws inscribed ocnnubii the very being of man difnitas of woman”.

Through IVF and ET and heterologous artificial insemination, human conception is achieved through the fusion of gametes of at least one donor other than the spouses who are united in marriage. The fundamental values connected with the techniques of artificial human procreation are two: However it does constitute in a certain way the “fundamental ” value of connbuii, precisely because upon this physical life all the other values of the person are based and developed.

And if, as often happens in human choices, a degree of risk must be undertaken, he will take care to assure that it is justified by a truly urgent need for the diagnosis and by the importance of the results that can be achieved by it for the benefit of the unborn child himself” POPE JOHN PAUL II, Discourse to Participants in the Pro-Life Movement Congress3 December It involves, therefore, perhaps in an implicit but nonetheless real way, a moral significance and responsibility. Proceedings in fact are conducted as a result of bringing this request are allowed only when in the specific case concerning the status of parties with two consistent judgements and there are no other options for a possible appeal.

The exposition is arranged as follows: Just as the Church condemns induced abortion, so she also forbids acts against the life of these human beings. For this reason, the child has the right, as already mentioned, to be the fruit of the specific act of the conjugal love of his parents; and he also has the right to be respected as a person from the moment of his conception.