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Intralox ThermoDrive is ideal for the food industry due to its sanitation reliability. If tgermodrive continue browsing our website, you accept these cookies.

Its all about the Flights ThermoGienic flights are available up to mm in height and mm in width.

This patented combination creates a one-of-a-kind tensionless belt therkodrive that eliminates the costs and complexities associated with managing a tensioned belt system. ThermoDrive technology combines flat, homogeneous thermoplastic material, and the positive drive feature of modular plastic belting with a unique, patented drive engagement solution.

Positive drive Low tension Easy to clean surface Continuous belt surface Low operating costs Less cleaning time Long belt life No belt stretching or ripping Nonporous surface It’s surface is smooth and non-stick, plus it has a quick drying surface allowing quick changeover. Wet or Oily products where liquid could spread over the belt are high risk for contamination.


What does this belt have that others dont? Food manufacturers expect the highest standard in food safety risk mitigation.

Effective and Efficient Sanitation Food manufacturers expect the highest standard in food safety risk mitigation. ThermoDrive belting’s non porous properties minimize that risk, making this an ideal belting solution.

ThermoDrive Straight Belt | Belt Identifier | Intralox | Intralox

The continuous nonporous belt surface lowers the risk of allergen cross contamination. About Intralox Intralox Hygienic System. Creating ultimate hygiene with anti bacterial properties offering positive drive, low-tension belting.

Typical applications in which Thermo Drive Belting is used. Raw products, as the belt provides low bacteria counts in direct contact with food.

This is the perfect solution for raw products. It goes beyond traditional positive drive systems and creates entirely new opportunities for advances in hygienic belt and conveyor design.

ThermoDrive® Belting

This process ensures that ThermoDrive belts remain easily cleanable to a microbiological level. Customers receive a new standard in operational efficiency as the ThermoDrive tensionless belt system provides reliable, predictable drive performance while reducing costs with unparalleled belt life, minimal component wear, and improved yield.


To change your cookie settings or find out more, click here. C-Trak works hand-in-hand with Intralox, a multi global belt manufacturer offering in our opinion the most superior hygienic belting solution technology on the market for food applications. This website uses cookies for analytics and functionality purposes.