Ephesians has 22 ratings and 6 reviews. Nicholas said: Devotional, practical, and Christ-centered, the Ironside Expository Commentary series offers insig. Ephesians 1 Commentary, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary, like many of Ironside’s writings, are a standard that has stood. Ephesians 4 Commentary, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary, like many of Ironside’s writings, are a standard that has stood.

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God is love as well as light. The church then is an object lesson to angels.

Verse Our Election and Predestination Ephesains 1: If so, all I have to say is that he has a great deal to be proud of. God has made His invitation so clear. It is impossible for sinful man to make atonement for his own iniquities, and until that is done, man cannot be at peace with God.

As we look at the opening verse of Ephesians we are struck at once rphesians the name of the writer, Paul.

The Coming of First Thessalonians 4 is only for the saints. Three times in the New Testament we read of the believer being sealed with the Spirit. Could He not have created one so strong that he could not have sinned? I defy anyone to find any such thing anywhere in all the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If worst comes to worst and you starve to death, you are going home to Heaven! While there, he continued traveling to other US cities during the week for preaching engagements. The Hebrew term set up is the same word for anointed: He had heard with joy of the way they had been growing in grace, of their faith in the Lord Jesus, and love to all the saints.


The bodies of our beloved dead in Christ are in the keeping of the Holy Spirit, and living saints are indwelt by the Spirit and will be until called to be forever with the Lord.

Ironside: Ephesians (HC)

What does that mean? But after the flood, there was a new economy; civil government was instituted by God for the restraint of human conduct. The family moved across the bay to Oakland, where Harry resumed a nightly preaching schedule.

Has anyone ever wronged you as much as you have wronged God? The disciples knew Him on earth as Jesus, the self-humbled One.

Ephesians 4 Commentary – Ironside’s Notes on Selected Books

I cannot accept the idea that God would come down to this world and beget a Son. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. We are not to be as we once were and as those still are who, having lost their sensitivity to pain, have given themselves ironsidr to lustful desires and all kinds of unholy thoughts resulting in unclean works.

Anger and a refusal to forgive will only harm your own spiritual life.

That is what sin does for people. God has made Christ Jesus to be our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption, and yet for six years after I was converted I was still seeking righteousness and sanctification.

Unable to ephesiams an adult teacher, Ironside himself did the teaching, with attendance averaging 60 children – and a few adults – each week. Verse 7 Redemption by His Blood Ephesians 1: We are not to go to unsaved men in the uncleanness of their sin and talk about election.


Our God has chosen us for this, and he is never going to give up until we attain to the iroonside stature of men and women in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians by H.A. Ironside

The family then moved to Los Angeles, California, on Ephesian 12,and finding no Sunday school there for him to attend, Harry started his own at age I think of a Christian man whom I have known for a great many years, who in his unsaved days was given to drunkenness.

Sin has a terrible, hardening, blinding, deadening, effect on people. There was the economy before the flood when Ephesains was dealing with men according to conscience. Thousands of people are dying and going to a lost eternity, but no matter what comes to you, if you are saved, you are going Home! Linda rated it it was amazing Feb 12, People try to reason sometimes as to the extent of His atonement. They are not coming in large numbers these days, but those that igonside coming are being added to the roof, and it will not be long until it will be complete and then we will all go to Heaven.

Look it up and see.