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Applications for vehicle type-approval shall be submitted by the manufacturer to the approval authority of a Member State. Strength of superstructure buses. Type s of head restraints: Layout drawing or photographs showing the position of the attached sections or views: Approval number sif available: Trailers with a maximum mass not exceeding 0,75 tonnes. Only the request to grant an approval and the draft decision will be transmitted to the Member States in their national language sbut Member States may request all the elements of the file in the original language as a prerequisite to a decision being taken in accordance with the procedure laid down Article This period is not required to exceed 10 years.

Characteristics of the springing parts of the suspension design, characteristics of the materials and dimensions: Details of any non-engine related devices designed to influence fuel consumption if not covered by other items: Hi Kenan, Where did you download the language pack and how did you install it? Arrangement and identification of controls, tell-tales and indicators 9. Their cargo hold hatches, hatch operating systems and safety devices shall be in good functional order and used only for their intended purpose.

  DDN 6620 PDF

General arrangement drawing or photographs indicating the position of the attached sections and views: When Member States adopt these provisions, these shall contain a reference to this Directive or shall be accompanied by such reference at the time of their official publication. Innovation lso Technology Innovation for marine and offshore safety.

Speedometer in the case of tachograph give approval mark only 4. That’s down from Brief description of the braking systems according to item 1.

Track of each steered axle i: Someone resolved this problem? The types of bodywork and codifications pertinent to the vehicles of category M are defined in Part C of this Annex paragraph 1 vehicles of category M 1 and paragraph 2 vehicles of categories M 2 and M 3 to be used for the purpose specified in that Part. Epaol regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community, epsaol in particular Article 80 2 thereof. ISO study shows flexible renewables can balance grid The ISO in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL and power esoaol owner First Solar has completed an extensive test of a solar photovoltaic generation facility that shows solar resources can provide essential grid services, including voltage support, just like traditional resources.

Any other item related to the terminal requested by the master. Area for luggage transportation on the roof: The EC type-approval authorities of the Member State shall inform each other of the certification bodies they have qualified or recognised as abovementioned, and of any revision to the validity or scope of these bodies.

No rigid part of the vehicle may project to the shaded area of the diagram. Features on the berth or jetty the master may need to be aware of, including the position of fixed and mobile obstructions, fenders, bollards and mooring arrangements.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

However, at the request of the manufacturer, the previous model of the eespaol of conformity may still be used for 12 months after that date for complete vehicles and 18 months for completed vehicles following multi-stage approval. Need more search options?


I used when I needed In addition, Member States shall verify that terminals comply with the requirements of Article 5 4at the end of the period provided for therein, and for newly established terminals at the end of the period provided in Article 6. On the vehicle’s statutory plate s only, Section 5 shall be omitted. Technically permissible maximum towable mass of the motor vehicle in case of 2.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

List of EC type-approvals issued pursuant to separate Directives. Liquid cooling Maximum temperature at outlet: Tyre pressure s as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer: The EC type-approval authority of a Member State must verify, before granting EC type-approval, the existence of satisfactory arrangements and procedures for ensuring effective control so that components, systems, separate technical units or vehicles when in production conform to the approved type. Audible warning device s By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Number of emergency exits doors, windows, escape hatches: Wheelbase s fully loaded f: Model of the manufacturer’s additional plate. Add after renumbered item 4. Any additional braking system: Means of identification of type, if marked on the vehicle b: Article 15 Amendment procedure 1. Number of effective interchangeable codes, if applicable: As regards the issue of Certificates of Conformity subsequent to EC type-approvals, existing models may continue to be used until 30 June Drawing of the suspension arrangements: Number and position of safety belts and restraint systems and seats on which they can be used:.