BS ISO Graphical symbols. Test methods. Method for testing perceptual quality. standard by British Standard / International. This part of ISO specifies a method for testing the perceptual quality of graphical symbols, to verify that the elements that constitute a graphical symbol are. Purchase your copy of BS ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards.

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ISO in English | Download PDF |

Symbols cannot solve all problems! Its coordination role helps ensure good design and avoid unnecessary proliferation and duplication. In a second step the answers are classified by 3 independently working judges into several categories, ranging from “Correct understanding of the symbol is certain” to “No response is given”. Alert me lso case of modifications on this product contact us.

Some will be familiar to all of us, for example, the windscreen or windshield washer symbol in our cars, but most are restricted to very specific applications. It is reprinted with permission. Test data, when available, helps to guide these decisions.

Audio and video engineering This revised standard was published earlier this year isl will soon be joined by its companion, ISOwhich covers methods for testing perceptual quality.

This ideal is not always possible and guidance is given as to when and how to use supplementary text to assist with understanding, or to give further information. Protecting the public Warning people of hazards and how to avoid them is a vital task in today’s health and safety conscious world. Rubber and plastic industries According to these boundaries, one can decide, whether a variant can be accepted or at least subjected to the comprehension test.


The universal language of good, standardized graphical symbols is therefore a strong potential boon for citizens everywhere.

This is being followed with new work starting on ISOPublic information guidance systems – Design principles and requirements for elements – Part 1: As well as a standard on performance and durability ISO Similar to the comprehensibility judgement test, there are threshold values iiso, to determine which variants may be accepted as a standardized graphical symbol.

Methods for testing comprehensibility. The different 9168-2 in which these are used, means that abstract images are more common. The test resulted in the recommendation of pictorial symbols for 20 of the referents. This effort has shown how we can work with outside agencies to achieve a result which meets the needs of isl proposing parties, without compromising essential design and implementation principles.

Petroleum and related technologies The test indicated that more symbolic pictograms like “City Center” or “Obstacles on the Road” are less likely to be comprehended, 1986-2 sign containing elemental objects like “Ferry Boat”, or “Deer on Road”. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Over-complication and overuse can undermine their effectiveness while some multifaceted concepts may not be suitable for a graphical symbol.

BS ISO – Graphical symbols. Test methods. Method for testing perceptual quality

Ido results provided the pre-selection for next testing phase – comprehension test. The procedures describe iwo testing methods, the comprehensibility judgement test and the comprehension test. A final cautionary thought: Due to the complexity of road information in the Trans-European road network, there is a strong need to present information to the driver in a standardized and comprehensible way.

The standard defines different thresholds for the mean and median values of the judgements given by the respondents.


This wide and disparate group of graphical symbols still has to conform to design rules, but in this case, the purely visual representation of the intended image is not always the main criterion. Energy and heat transfer engineering Although many symbols may appear random, there is always a rationale iao the design. The respondents’ task is to judge the comprehensibility of each variant, giving the percentage of people in their country, who they would expect to interpret the symbol correctly.

Different graphical symbol variants for each referent are presented together with their intended meaning in a standardized way. Isi is regularly updated, due to the strong demand from all sectors of the community for clear and helpful signs.

Graphical symbols – Test methods – 9168-2 2: ISO and ISO use the same graphical images for people and objects, and are based on the premise that a symbol should be readily associated with its intended meaning. The example project shows that the comprehensibility of the graphical symbols need to be evaluated in order to know how comprehensive those are, even if designed by professionals.

ISO 9186-2:2008

Log In Sign Up. This page was last edited Fluid systems and components for general use Paint and colour industries Uso fact, we come across graphical symbols in just about every human activity. Shipbuilding and marine structures Mechanical systems and components for general use Only after succusfully passing oso Comprehension Tests, the pictograms may be regarded as understandable and worth of employment on the Trans-European Road Network. The committee has very active working groups supported by experts from all over the world.