JAA ATPL Question Bank at includes ATPL exam questions and answers, conveniently organized into subjects, topics and subtopics for. Published on Mar 15, oxford communication book 14 first edition enjoy it Published in: Law. 0 Comments; 18 Likes; Statistics; Notes. Full Name. JAA ATPL Flight Training Books from SkyGeek. Your source for over aviation consumables, parts, tools, and accessories. , Supplying the.

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You are approac You have received holding instructions for a radio fix. By how much would the When flying in advisory airspace and using an advisory service, separation is provided fro In class D airspace the minimum flight visibility for VFR flight above FL is: A red streamer attached to What colour streamer identifies food and water dropped to survivors?

This code An aerodrome reference point is defined as the To indicate that he has r At night you observe ground signals from survivors of a disaster.

JAA ATPL Flight Training Books from

Do you want to take our survey and help us improve? Which of the following licences Type ratings are established for An applicant for a commercial pilot licence aeroplane shall have completed in aeroplanes n How many hours of night flying is required to obtain an ATPL A?

With almost pages, organized in 9 volumes for the paper version and 13 e-books, the PPL and ATPL A can be complemented by an up-to-date question database for exam preparation, that soon will also be available through an iTunes app.

What is If you are flying a surveillance radar approach SRA. What In a holding pattern all turns should be made: The transition altitude is ft. What are the three states of frozen For planning purposes, an aerodrome is categorised by aerodrome reference code.

Jeppesen EASA ATPL Communications

Using modern pictures, photorealistic graphics, as well as QR codes to access film and audio clips, this training system represents an unparalleled training suite in Europe. What is the meaning of an X displayed on the ground Which of the following signals is a distress signal? This me Which of the commumications statements is true about the signals area of an aerodrome?


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JAA ATPL Question Bank |

Multi-Line Order cart view cart. The signals given by this aircraft co An aircraft equipped with SSR transponder which is intercepted by another aircraft shall i If radio communication is established during an interception but communications in a commo An aircraft intercepted by cimmunications aircraft, if equipped with SSR transponder shall, unles If radio contact with the intercepting aircraft is established but commnications on a communicatinos If, during an interception, instructions received by radio from any sources conflict with An aircraft which is intercepted by another aircraft shall set its transponder to: What is the radius of the Aerod When the surface of a runway is soaked but there is no standing water, the correct term is 4mm of rain is covering a runway.

How would ATC describe the s On a wet runway: Which is how we know all of the aviation books and materials you need to supplement your pilot training. The ACAS capabilit Which of the following statements regarding aerodrome control service is correct?

What information is reported by rad When should the aerodrome controller pass the correct time to an aircraft?

The Sky Geeks keep our inventory updated with only the latest editions. Medium is classed ATIS broadcast messages containing departure and arrival information should include cloud What is meant by aerodrome traffic?

We use cookies to improve your browsing experience on our site. What should Which of the following statements is correct with respect to unlawful interference? So you get material that is thorough and comprehensive, with full-color graphics and diagrams that make complex aviation training topics easier to grasp. Customer Satisfaction Survey We value customer feedback and invite you to complete a short survey about your customer experience.


Your distance from the If the reported ground visibility is metres, can a special VFR flight take off from a In areas where a separation minimum of ft. What does t What is the meaning of this SAR visual signal when used by survivors on the ground?

In flight, in case of radio communications If the aircraft can not squawk ident, what directions can ATS give to the pilot, without d The tolerance value used to determine that mode C derived level information displayed to t When the aircraft carries serviceable Mode C transponder, the pilot shall continuously ope Pilots shall not operate the SSR special position indicator IDENT feature unless: Unde Where does the final approach segment for a precision approach start?

Ho Runway Visual Range is reported and passed to an aircraft when the visibility falls below: Copy of the sale receipt for a SPOT service certificate available at www.

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T Runway direction is indicated by two digits: Most Hazardous Goods are subject to air and international transport fees. Incomplete forms will not be accepted by SPOT. Wha Communifations QNH is mbar and you are flying over the sea at ft altitude. If the item that you are trying to ship is deemed Hazmat you may have an additional fee added to your order when you check out.

However, the majority of Hazmat items have no fee when shipping with a ground communicatiosn.