Jaap Sahib (Steek) (Punjabi). Read more steeks on Sikh Scriptures by visiting Uploaded by Singh Translation of Jaap Sahib in. Jaap Sahib Steek-Prof Sahib Singh-Punjabi by toshaak in Types > Books – Non- fiction, sikh Mahan Kosh Vol 1 Kahan Singh Nabha – English Translation. If God is not alive in you, you are not alive on this earth. For centuries and centuries you have been taught wrong, and the result is God has.

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It is my feeling that if we really work hard on ourselves and flow with our own energy, we can penetrate through life successfully. Salutation to God who gives blessings. Salutation to the greatest Incantation. God is Transudatory to everywhere.

The entire universe is attached with God. Salutation to the compassionate. Salutation to the Carnal pleasures of all.


> Sri Jaap Sahib English Translation

God is adorned and His name is repeatedly recited all over the fourteen worlds by all. God has neither any relative nor any collateral. God being Omnipresent, transudates in every dress.

The vedas and the puranas accepted that God is Transcendent from all and He is Unparalled. Salutation to the Substantial and Un-substantial forms. God embodies all beauties for beautification. God is Transcendent Tarnslation of all kings. Salutation to God who is the most Subtle of the elements.

July 13, at God is Impregnable, Indestructible, Incontestable, and Undisputed. God is awakening Knowledge of all beautifications. God is Fundamental Origin of all.

God is all Beauty. God is Transudatory in water and land. You are commenting using your WordPress. Salutation to God who is beyond portraiture.

Salutation to the fathomless Ocean. We’ll send you a weekly email with our latest news and articles. March 16, at 1: His version is to bow to all aspects of God, every aspect. Salutation to God who does not belong to any country.


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God is the Fountain of kindness. God is nearest to all. Salutation to God who is beyond customary observances. The compassionate God gives spiritual power to all. God is spiritual power of all. God is the Fountain of sahub virtues and blessings. God is Immanent day and night and He is indestructible. God is Indefinable forever. You are not going to find out anything except that you are going to be hurt.

Salutation to the greatest Dramam player of the universe. Salutation to the Transcendent King of all kings.