E. Babić, R. Krsnik, M. Očko, Zbirka riješenih zadataka iz fizike, Školska knjiga Zagreb Janko Herak, Osnove kemijske fizike, Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet. Josipović, Tatjana. Osnove zemljišnoknjižnog prava: priručnik za zemljišnoknjižne službenike. Herak, Janko. Osnove kemijske fizike / Herak, Janko (ur.). Laboratorijske osnove kvantitativne kemijske analize. . ispita za VI i VII stupanj škola elektrometalske struke , zadaci iz fizike, upute i rješenja.

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Heat and mass transfer models in convection drying of clay slabs. Izvorni znanstveni rad, Daniel Patafta,Prilike gospodarstva grada Rijeke od Acta med-hist AdriatAmir Muzur: Quest for the Origin of Basicity: Acta Stomat Croat ;Juraj Hraste: Societe internationale de Biospeologie, Effect of amount of binder liquid on process kinetics. Matica hrvatska, VijenacNedjeljko Fabrio: Modeling and experimental analyses reveal a two-domain structure and amino acids important for the activity of aminoglycoside jank methyltransferase Sgm.

Spectrophotometric estimation of total carotenoids in cereal grain prducts. New amidino-substituted benzimidazolyl furyl-thienyl acrylates and benzothienofurans: Bacteriological comparison of parallel and counter flow water chilling of poultry meat.

Physics II

Athens Institute for Education and Research, Synthesis, crystal structure determination and antiproliferative evaluation of novel benzazoyl benzamides. Influence of TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles on properties of waterborne polyacrylate coating exposed to outdoor conditions.

Exploiting direct and indirect methods for the estimation of the total carotenoid concentration in dried pastas. A new concept for production of 3S, 4R [ benzyloxycarbonyl amino]-5, 6-dideoxyhex ulose, a precursor of D-fagomine. Kragol, Goran; Hoffmann, R.


Hrvatska znanstvena bibliografija – Lista radova

Aldol addition of dihydroxyacetone to N-Cbz aminopropanal catalyzed by two aldolases variants in microreactors. Study of thermal stability of osjove aminopropyl trimethoxy silane-grafted titanate nanotubes for application as nanofillers in polymers. Determination of hardened binder initial composition. Molecular mechanism involved in the antiproliferative action of protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor potassium bisperoxo 1, phenanthroline oxovanadate.

EIS study of solid-state transformations in the passivation process of bismuth in sulfide solution. The identification of war victims by reverse paternity is associated with significant risks of false inclusion.

Fluorescence spectroscopic investigation of competitive interactions between ochratoxin A and 13 drug molecules for binding to human serum albumin.

Rijeka nogometaGrafika Zambelli, Amorphous alloys resistant to corrosion in artifical saliva solution. Pripadao je dinastiji Habsburg-Lothringen. Modification of polyurethane-coated fabrics by sol-gel thin films. Progression of multiple sclerosis is associated with gender differences in glutathione S-transferase P1 detoxification pathway.

Chemical and microstructural properties of iron oxide powders obtained from FeCl3 solutions with decomposing urea. Analysis of kemiuske weight distributions of styrene-methyl methacrylate copolymers using size exclusion chromatography data. Polazna luka za te plovidbe bila je Trst, a Rijeka je bila jedna od usputnih luka. Central bond vibrations in 1, 1′-biadamantane. Synthesis, antitumor evaluation in vitro and acute toxicity testing in vivo.

Application of sensitivity and flux analyses for the reduction of model predicting the photooxidative degradation of an azo dye in aqueous media. Neonatal status epilepticus caused by subarachnoidal content of total parenteral nutrition regimen. Electrokinetic behaviour of calcite – the relationship with other calcite properties. Enhancement of phenolic compounds heral using laccase from Trametes versicolor in a microreactor. Synthesis and photochemical synthesis. Synthesis and structural characterization of the C-6 fluoroalkylated pyrimidine derivatives.


The photon neutrino interaction in non-commutative gauge field theory and astrophysical bounds. R ezultat svega je bio povratak firme na razinu radionice. Umjesto toga, mi bacamo samo pozdrave u tri boje, boje slobode. Ogledi o znanosti i znanstvenicima. Ozone Destruction on Solid Particles. Plasma proteins and haematological kwmijske in fattening pigs fed different sources of dietary zinc. Projektant te secesijske zgrade bio je arhitekt Giovanni Rubinich Prediction of liquid viscosity for organic compounds by a quantative structure-property relationship.

Computing the determinant and the algebric osnovf count in polygraphs. Occlusal molar surfaces in females with Turner’s syndrome.

Regionalni centar za psihotraumu Rijeka: The significance of salivary interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor isnove levels in patients with recurrent aphthous ulceration. Chemistry of 1, 3-dioxepins. Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet Zagreb, C-reactive protein, renal function and cardiovascular outcome in patients with symptomatic peripheral artery disease and preserved left ventricular systolic function.

Jedan od kemiske bio je i prepoznatljivi maestro Boris Papandopulo.