Marshall JCM TSL 60 super lead guitar amp head is a guitar amp head with a power output of 60 Watt and 16 Ohms/8 Ohms impedance. This amplifier. Get the Marshall JCM Triple Super Lead Head if you want an amp with great clean sound and a lot of gain. Speaker emulation DI circuit. Spring reverb. Marshall’s new JCM Series was introduced last year and has been well- received As for the basics, the TSL has three channels – clean, crunch, and lead.

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Jul 10, 8.

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I’m gonna take it to the rehearsal space pretty soon and let it rip and see if it’s any good for me. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

It’s a really nice sounding rock cab. In the real world, they are good amps.

As for the basics, the TSL has three channels — clean, crunch, and lead — which are each voiced with distinct tonal characteristics. Jul 10, jccm.

The TSL sounds excellent through the old 4 X 12s and basically does everything the old Marshalls do — and more. Balok and jnam like this. Additionally, the TSL includes two built-in effects loops. Skip to main content. Search Media New Media. Best Selling in Guitar Amplifiers See all. Share Fsl Page Tweet. I use the TSL the most for gigging unless it’s a large outdoor event. Red LEDs indicate the functions in use.


Like politics, religion, and overdrive pedals, echo boxes are sure to incite staunch views, heartfelt arguments, and perhaps even fisticuffs. I bought a TSL for my son about 12 years ago new Only had to replace some preamp tubes in my used TSL after it died during a gig. Discussion in ‘ Amps and Cabs ‘ started by big jilmJul 10, It looks like I would just set the crunch channel for my rythm tone, and use the lead channel like I use my solo boost on my Splawn.

I like the TSL’s distortion. I’ve been told that the DSL is preferable to the TSL insofar as goes the JCM range, which is disappointing, since the third channel would be really sweet, but as someone here menioned already, maybe multi-channel amps are always gonna force compromises.

Marshall Triple Super Lead | Vintage Guitar® magazine

Fsl guess like the Splawn Competition. People who bought this also bought. StevenSJul 10, Played it a little more today – I can tell its gonna sound better the louder I go!


I had a TSL for a jcj years. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the hcm experience on TGP stay on the even keel. I have had my moments of getting caught-up in the “boutique only” syndrome, but I have now developed full-blown skepticism of the cork-sniffing snobbyness directed at DSLs and TSLs, and am planning to check some out. Jul 10, 2.

I think the key to using the lead is keeping the gain down some – which isn’t really a problem, as I don’t play metal at all.

Marshall Triple Super Lead

I have a friend former guitar teacher who had one of those Save on Guitar Amplifiers Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. 0200 the best I’ve ever seen. That isn’t just because “more is better” the knobs only go to