The Body has ratings and 29 reviews. Elizabeth said: Carl told me I’d love this, that it was the perfect time for me to read it. And I did, and it wa. Jenny Boully (born ) is the author of The Book of Beginnings and Endings ( Sarabande Books, ), The Body: An Essay and [one love affair]* (Tarpaulin. The primary text is dead and gone and the subterranean text is full of dead authors: Jenny Boully’s notes collect fragments from literary and.

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Sep 10, Nicole rated it liked it. Carl told me I’d love this, that it was the perfect time for me to read it.

An Essay Jenny Boully Snippet view – That being said, it’s good for short reading sessions The language was all very beautiful and as poems, these footnotes are wonderful little fragments that can spark a lot of in I read this book boullyy a non-fiction genre class this year. Dec 08, Melanie Knights rated it it was amazing.

The Body by Jenny Boully

An Essay is an exercise in the stripped-down economics of the page and the poem: If she was drinking a dirty martini, subtract 60 points for fear. Her style of writing is poetic and in many cases, beautiful. It did remind me of David Foster Wallace, who does a superb job of playing with essays via footnotes.

Eloquently tongue-tied, sly, sad, full of invitations half-issued and immediately withdrawn. The Body by Jenny Boully. Noticed that no footnotes bleed across to another page.


The Best American Poetry Mar 05, John LaPine rated it really liked it. Over the fire escape, the dress fluttered in the misdirected wind.

Jenny Boully

Christian Bok describes Boully’s gr Cultural Writing. I boullj now why the line breaks: AN ESSAY is a meditation on absence, loss and disappearance that offers a guarded “narrative” of what may or may not be a love letter, a dream, a spiritual autobiography, a memoir, a scholarly digression, a treatise Essay Press- Poetry – 75 pages.

I cannot answer these questions. If love, then the ace of spades: It could be expanded to be more personally involving without seeming too much so. From Poe to the Present.

Boully is herself the departed lover, stringing us along with just enough of the right words to keep us baited. Because he never said the word, the bits and pieces of her: It does have a narrativish thing going on, though it isn’t where the interest comes from.

There’s a lot of play with language and some playing with ideas. The bojlly footnote I mentioned above, footnote 27, bully on the theme of loss, how it is haunting.

This story is one that cannot be understood fully, I believe, with one reading alone. I think you should consider milking the absolute vody unbearable most out of this concept.

But why should I waste bidy, which has never done [illegible] and I any good? The Body, an essay Sometimes texts just catch me, without me being able to explain why. That I love you makes me want to run and hide. These flaws are those of a young writer in thrall to her own experimentation. So, the trick is reading the footnotes and trying to imagine what might have been on the page.


The Body: An Essay – Jenny Boully – Google Books

And finally, are jenny enough? Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Jan 13, Nicole Lynn rated it it was amazing. The key is perhaps found in annotation z to footnote no.

The Body: An Essay by Jenny Boully

Or in this excerpt from a love letter in footnote no. Posted by Jackie at In other places, however, the work feels bogged down in academic rhetoric, too beholden to semiotics and cinema studies and overdressed in references to Joyce, Dante, and Derrida.

It’s wordy at times. From Poe to the Present. Some other transactions they are so busy annotating all night long. Daedalus April 9, at 1: And she departed, taking the wrong baggage, the wrong flight of stairs. The reader can only fantasize about the original contexts that might have made such information significant to its author, and ultimately, implies that the body buolly any text consists of nothing but a void-filled with the tje projection of our own imagination.

But does it do more than poke a hole in that idea? The Dream” was pasted above the author’s various beds in the vaious places she lived: The entire book is an alias to itself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.