Jeremy Scahill: The only punishment doled out to US security men involved in deadly shootings is a jet home. Jeremy Scahill is the author of the bestseller Blackwater: The rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army. He is the recipient of the Polk Award for. Meet Blackwater USA, the private army that the US government has quietly hired to operate in Jeremy Scahill is an unembedded, international journalist.

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There are serious concerns that should be addressed related to the use of private military forces, but this book cannot contribute meaningfully to any discussion because of its political presumptions, strident tone and lack of content. The level of their vitriol is astonishing.

Erik Prince accused of murder. That gave them virtual license to do whatever they wanted since Bremer had also ruled that the Uniform Code of Military Justice also did not apply.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. But, even though it took forever to get through, this was definitely worth the read. Although not as disturbing as The Shock Doctrine even when they cover the same territory this is still a confronting read.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Okay, that does sort of make sense when schill else wants the job, scahil nobody else is equipped to do the job, so it sxahill going to be no-bid. I would be willing to listen to Scahill’s theories and see what dots he tries to connect even if lacking complete evidence given how murky a topic this is in the first place, but for him to bring something up then really not flesh it out as fully as possible was irksome.

While his chapter on Blackwater’s man on the ground in Chile is interesting, Scahill misses an incredible opportunity to trace the history blackwatfr US involvement in Central and South America and the teaching of torture at the Academy of the Americas and frankly doesn’t do a good enough job of explicating these mercenary’s ties to the Pinochet government and why that is problematic.


Jeremy Scahill details the story without making this book a direct personal condemnation of bllackwater subject. Fact thrown upon fact thrown upon fact, reinforced by supporting facts, and somewhat long and convoluted digressions of even more facts thrown in just to make sure the reader is paying attention. This is probably since Blackwater is so secretive, and because few of Blackwater’s people wanted to do interviews with Scahill, which is a shame, since then we pretty much only hear Scahill’s side of the story.

| Blackwater, Jeremy Scahill | | Boeken

It looked like an inside job set up to me when I first saw the incident in the news a few years back and This gives a history and account of various misdeeds by Blackwater and their born scahil, right wing Christian kook founder Erik Prince. Place the rise of Erick Prinz’s blaclwater army, the Blackwater folks, and you have a scarry scenario, since Prinz and his family were in the forefront of support for these guys. I picked up this book hoping it would provide scayill good basic information about Blackwater, with the understanding from the dust jacket that it likely would reach certain ultimate conclusions I might not agree with.

They work for the State Department and US military, but neither monitors mercenary actions. The author does a great job in showing the mix of money, politics, and ideology; and how this has affected the United States military. Okay, so starting from that premise, why read a book that tells you in detail about how horrible it is?

Nov 16, Valerie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: His type is blacowater psychotic and represent the worst of humanity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Then they realized they could take all the other ex-special ops dudes like themselves, except poorer, This is a fucking fantastic book.

The Journal: Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater

They already are using a significant number of soldiers from third world nations because they are cheaper to hire. First, for the training and equipping of police, military, and intelligence agencies of the US by private companies. As a past member of the USMC, I believe the privatization of the military to be a cancer on the real military and it should be jerremy post haste. I thought about this a lot during this book — I also thought that the people who set up Blackwater are fundamentalist Christians and I thought it might be a good thing to say something along the lines that when people who have very strict moral standards are confronted with people who have different moral standards the first group of people often sfahill to do incredibly nasty things to the second group of people if they can get away with it.


Blackwater is basically a private military who does not have to abide by the same rules as an actual military force would. Scahill also details the use of Blackwater forces in the catastrophe that was Hurricane Katrina, inproviding property and force protection for FEMA officials. Share your thoughts with other customers. Insightful and introduced me to the names of a whole cast of warmongers that I now need to stalk and sabotage. Alas, there is nothing truly unbiased: The Complete Saga Kindle Edition.

At the hearing Prince boldly declared that in Iraq his men have acted “appropriately at all times” and appeared to deny that the company had ever killed innocent civilians, only acknowledging that some may have died as a result of “ricochets” and “traffic accidents”.

He also serves as a correspondent for the U.

They can hire anyone, including thugs that were involved in apartheid South Africa and Chile. I think Scahill has done a great job of investigative reporting, but less well on contextualizing his bllackwater matter.