Josef Hora, Pracujici den (Prague, ), and Jirir Wolker, Tezka hodina (Prague , ); Milan Blahynka and Jiri Cutka, Nezval a Wolker (Prague, );. březen Jiří Karel Wolker – básník – představitel proletářské poezie – ovlivněn Zdeňkem Nejedlým a František Xaver Šalda – byl členem Literární skupiny. monthly tezka-hodina-souhrnhtml monthly

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Styrsky invariably only called her Manka. Women were expected to vote and take some part in civic life, but the roles of wife and mother were deeply valued.

Jelinek byl v seznamech uvaden pod jmenem Remo, ktere mu vymyslel Teige. Za mych studentskych let nenosivaly hldina zeny takbezne kalhoty jako dnes. Tymz zpusobem byla malifka Manka Cerminova pfekftena na Toyen.

Gender in Lesbian Periodicals in Berlin, ” Ph. In my student years women didn’t yet ordinarily wear trousers as they do today. Unlike the surrealist icon Isidore Ducasse Comte de Lautreamontshe left her share of bureaucratic traces, had many friends, and left a significant estate that included art by herself and others, a personal library, and even a collection of art postcards and cheesecake photos.

Tomas and Jana Odvody were like a third set of grandparents, and I am sorry they could not live to see me write about their famous contemporary.

Right here at home, the Spotted Pair Calypso Spots and Orion keep me functional and covered in loose fur, as did Orion’s predecessor, the stalwart black Holland Lop George. Feinberg’s pioneering work provides a framework for my discussion of Czechoslovak women’s political situation and adherence to feminist principles during the First Republic. Kdyz si jmeno po svem navratu pfecetla, bez rozmysleni je pfijala a nosije podnes; nikdo jijinak neoslovi ajeji prave jmeno je patrne jen na cestovnim pase, ktery uzje davno neplatny.

While it is beyond the scope of this dissertation to provide a detailed analysis of even the art-historical scholarship on surrealism, until recently, most writing on surrealist artists came from friends and followers, and, as Werner Spies notes, tended toward “poetic mimesis,” analogy rather than analysis. Akropolis, ; Karel Srp, ed. MIT Press, ], Jejimu smutku jsme ovsem nevefili.


We didn’t believe in her sadness, of course. Styrsky then went into considerable technical detail about what Toyen would do and how much it would cost.

Styrsky a Toyen Prague: One unusually gendered assessment of their work did, however, appear in In this case individual and subjective character was taken to the very limits of the possible. University of Chicago, ], Kristen Harkness keeps me from getting either too uppity or too depressed. The First Republic itself, while much better known than Toyen’s intimate biography, has acquired its own mythic status over the years.

Thomas Ort, “Men Without Qualities: University of Nebraska, Styrsky ji soustavne nkal jen Manka. It further investigates Toyen’s iconography of gender and eroticism, focusing on 8 imagery specific to the postwar work.

Jiří Wolker

Nam ostatne take ne. In her decorated books, we nowhere find imbalance between the collaboration of content and form.

Czechoslovakia in a Disrupted Europetrans. For example, ReD almost unfailingly reproduced paired works, sometimes even paired by theme such as Styrsky’s Flood and Toy en’s Shipwreck in the sixth issue. Similarly, though perhaps with fraudulent intent, in the early s the litterateur Otakar Zizka called himself Jin Charvat and Zdenek Bfezensky.

Prague with its legendary charms is, in fact, one of those cities that electively pin down poetic thought, which is always more or less adrift in space. Prochazka also claimed that most art was based not on Members both of the s generation, such as Jifi Karasek ze Lvovic, and Devetsil, such as Teige, saw the s as a turning point.

In his memoirs, for example, Vitezslav Nezval wrote “Of Toy en’s life, I never came to know anything; she remained a human mystery and revealed nothing of her past. The second chapter jkri three formative influences: Examination of the Ladislav Stall papers shows that Vlasin was in direct contact with Stall, a major shaper of Communist-era woler and cultural criticism and historiography.


Toyen, however, is an elusive quarry.

Krasny byl jeden populnocni rozhovor na prazske ulici. David Van Ness gave his enthusiastic and tireless support of my early research in feminist art history and my decision to apply to graduate school.

Princeton University Press, Museum of Modern Art, ], 8. These date back to at leastor in other words to the very beginning of her career. A piece for the women’s magazine Eva, for example, employs words such as “scandal” and “love. Seifert, Vsecky krasy sveta, As Toyen claimed an attraction to women, the chapter also explores the situation of sexual minorities in interwar Czechoslovakia. Svoboda,Stepan Vlasin, ed. Otakar Storch-Marien a vytvarne umeni Prague: And, in the s and ’30s, especially in Central Europe, women’s pants were considered merely fashionable, thus a transitory fad, rather than an enduring manner of dress.

It can hardly be any surprise, then, that Toyen herself has come to be a figure of myth. As one activist stated, “The Czech man, feeling how the denial of national and political equality hurts, angers, and inflames a thinking person, certainly will not prepare the same fate for the women of his nation: Smichov and other then-suburbs such as Vinohrady, Zizkov, and Karlin had been independently administered Rostislav Svacha, The Architecture of New Praguetrans.