jitensha **EDIT** OK I uploaded the color version for your pleasure and 1 up to just show you all some of the art for my new ADULT TF comic, “Metamorph”. Source: #Metamorph+%28English+ Version% Posted 6 years ago by matt4; Rating: Explicit; Score: 10; ID: . #Metamorph+%28English+Version% Posted 6 years ago by matt4; Rating: Explicit; Score: 1; ID: ; Approver: .

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Anyway, that’s it for me trying to post different shit from what comes up in every thread for now. Small update to the page!

He’s a really great guy, and taught me some basics of drawing, also please consider buying his comic: Look, I’m not trying to get down on anyone’s fetishes.

I really like this style! Well it is loco, so I need to stop hoping every time. Uitensha Moon Issue 3: Last story page shows she’s pregnant.

And while this series isn’t relevant to the request I’m about to make, anyone got Full Moon in the Jungle by Locofuria or the full version of Sue’s Story by EmeraldEye.

There are two posts guaranteed to be in any TF thread: Can you please repost it? Hopefully I can get it up tomorrow. I would just outright buy his finished sets if there was an option, but i simply can’t deal with “per creation” rather than set monthly charge patreons, as my bank account has 0 credit, and going a single cent into the red leads to nasty backcharges and late payment fees.

I’d like to see more people take up editing like this. I remember your one comic that was posted before of a worker getting changed by some trigger words that was really entertaining.


I think there was another guy, but its been a while since we all chatted. Giant Hunting Art Plus! Hey guy’s recently found this TF Novel game on Patreon that is in development. We had an outage earlier due to a brownout at our host’s datacenter, which then caused our servers to fail booting up.

Maren hadn’t a single clue of the sick and seemingly unfortunate events that would happen to her that day. Some sort of reptilian beast, standing on two feet, had emerged from the brush. That said, while I admit I’ve never really been into TF-stories, as a fellow content creator I do appreciate the work that would go into them.

Jitensha – The Metamorph Porn Pics & Porn GIFs

She soon grew a second pair of eyes? She acted like and twat in public and we’re looking down. It appears to’ve gone dead: I’ve always been interested in fetishism and this is no exception. Also 20 pages of TF is really too stretched out. So no, he wasn’t just an old man with hemophilia. But a betrayal will reveal truths about the global pandemic and Jena that will change everything. Think about how much your opinon matters when you’re posting in a thread for horny weirdoes with an extremely specific fetish.

Been lurking on here for a while so I thought I’d put something her as thanks for the file dumps.

japanese school girl likes cock porn

There’s pretty much nil in the way of actual eastern furry TF jitensga like one or two horse tf shorts I can think of off the top of my head, like https: Anyone have pokemaidens, i was about to buy, but i am is not good, anyone who did it, is good or is dissapoiment? A bunch of them are female and are specifically the jtiensha that meet the above criteria. He’s probably dealt with that before. She tore off her pants but was unable to tend to her panties.


I prefer to keep it anthro tf, stuff like multiboob, etc is fine. Maren wouldn’t let it. It is really good and worth the one dollar a month.

Here are two artists I found recently on Pixiv that I enjoy. I’ve been trying to get through this stuff with google translate but it’s obviously not optimal. If you want something and I have it it’s yours.

Jitensha metamorph – XXXPicz

I might have been replying too you at the time. Plus some misc tf images so that everything’s metamrph just windows explorer. She felt her face with the palm of her hand Believe me, I tried everything and nothing worked.

Speaking of dickriding, I like your stuff mate. His current twitter is protected, and I have no clue if I should make a pretend Japanese account with TF art to get accepted or not. Orihime has returned to normal size, but the solution to her problems is only temporary.

Bendzz likes bun TFs, so. Do you not know where you are? Matt and Jeremy are just looking for a fun and exciting night. With a jitwnsha girl joining the action, I bring you another 29 pages of shrinking orgy fun! Is there a preferred jitemsha you guys use to upload?