Joseph Zeltsman passed away in , Manchester, Massachusetts. The obituary was featured in The Daily Record on January 4, , and The Star-Ledger on. Portrait/nature photographers. Joe Zeltsman’s course on portraiture at: http:// Joe Zeltman, a portrait special was his mentor and the person who developed the very simple approach to posing Monte used. Zeltsman’s tutorial on posing and.

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Zeltsman, Joe

This coupled to the growing trend toward a ‘reportage’ or ‘candid’ style gives the collection of images more longevity. Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times? Booking the 2G wedding is getting harder and harder especially if you zelfsman willing to give them the “disk”.

zeltmsan In addition to those organizations sponsored classes, he also taught his approach to traditional classic portraiture to the many professional portrait photographers who attended his private limited enrollment five day classes, held throughout USA, Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico. I have wondered on occasion about those mottled backdrops in truly ghastly colors.

Color night vision with the SiOnyx Aurora. That’s not to say that none of the info is useful, but the applications I saw on the site were lifeless and trite. Today’s trend toward more classic black tuxedos and simple, but elegant, dresses is a good thing in my opinion. Even up until about 5 years ago I remember going to a guild meeting and talking to the guy next to me and him telling me he just didn’t have time for people that were under 5G for their packages.

DJI Ronin-S gimbal stabilization system. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Just attended my first PPA event and why did I wait so long!


Link: Joe Zeltsman’s excellent tutorial on portraiture | Photography Forums

The more you do that the better you get at evaluating. Monte Zuckerezltsman photography. I could be reading more into the image I provided a link for but my gut tells me I’m not. You should have posted this in the “how to make a million as a fashion photographer” forum, not here.

Book or tutorial on mastering portrait lighting.

Posted by David Ziser at Only the face and expression should stand out as the dominant point of interest to a beholder. But his method of analyzing and breaking down the mechanics a pose into foot positions, weight distributions, and angles of key body planes such as zeltskan hips, shoulders and eye line can be applied to any pose to reverse engineer it an create a ioe blueprint you can use to instruct your subjects.

Zeltzman has to teach, and then go ahead and do their own style of portraiture in whatever way pleases them or pleases the client. So understand posing you just need to stop, pay attention to what you see and think about why you react a certain way when you see a pose in a photo.

Please check out Monte’s website which is jammed packed with 6 great articles on lighting, posing, wedding technique, and portfolio images right here. If they want nice, color, posed photos, I tell ’em to go to Olan Mills or Sears. All of these books have and photgraphers exhibit tremendous portrature while at the same time exhibiting totally different styles.

Even if it’s no good you’ll be happy. Joe retired at age Excellent if you want your portraits to look like the typical fare from Olan Mills or other “shoot-by-numbers” studios. We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier. Even if I could do those, why bother?


The idea that the “classic” images in Zeltsman’s tutorial are the hallmark of a professional while portraits that differ from that formulaic style are indicative of an amateur is the funniest thing I’ve read on photo.

Even after ten-years a set of wedding photographs can be frightening. Thus, the effects you see reflecting in my portraits, are just as effective regardless where you work. I have to agree with Mike D on this one. This approach to portraiture offers a means for creating an interesting and informative portrayal of a person. Tests showing people photos and having them score them have proven that fact.

Priceless stuff for anybody wanting to do a mock classic portrait shoot. When I was first getting into wedding photography in quality wedding photography was becoming quite the rage.

Joe & Martha Zeltsman (c) | Nancy Zeltsman

When you reach that level, your mind will remain free to concentrate on communicating with your subjects, and you will begin to create truly effective portraiture. And handling and communicating with your subjects is the same. So before the subject even sets foot in the studio you can know which direction they should face and which side the key light needs to zfltsman on.