Jouanah has ratings and 29 reviews. Lisa said: I read my Goodreads’ friend Abigail’s review of this book and immediately reserved the book at the lib. Jouanah, A Hmong Cinderella is the familiar story of Cinderella, the poor overworked step-daughter who marries the handsome prince, in the setting and context. Kindergarten-Grade 3. This tender variant of the Cinderella story from the Hmong people of Asia takes place in a peasant village. After Jouanah’s mother is.

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Twist on the classic Cinderella. And I cared about Jouanah. On the third day when she sat down to rest she reached into jouahah mothers sewing basket.

I loved the beautiful, detailed illustrations that portrayed Jouanah’s beauty and goodness as well as the beautiful setting in Thailand. When he found her she was too frightened to try on the shoe but they could both see that she could fit it.

Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella

We’ve read several different versions of the classic Cinderella tale and while the ccinderella are quite different, the main thread of the tale remains fairly constant. This book would be especially beneficial to students living in or around the Hickory area who probably see a lot of Hmong people but just think that they’re Chinese or Japanese. Swamp Angel Anne Isaacs. Teachers may use the lesson plans as a comprehensive language arts unit that can be integrated with other subject areas, or choose individual lessons with stand-alone worksheets that support and offer practice for concepts already introduced.


She climbed up the tree and hid there. It follows the life of Jouanah a Hmong girl stuck in the role of Cinderella. Let me become a cow for awhile to help bring in the crops. While there were a lot of Hmong cultural markers in the story, I feel like the gist of hnong culture was somehow missed. Feb 29, Andre rated it it was ok Shelves: Jouanah is another great Cinderella story to add to the collection. When the elder’s son has a ball, Jouanah is left at home as ordered by her stepmother, but after talking to her cow jouaanah, she got a beautiful outfit to wear to the ball.

Now the family went home, downhearted and discouraged.

The birds hushed their songs. It was a beautiful read. There came a day when the man decided that he would buy one. In the basket she discovers a beautiful skirt, blouse and apron. She heard the voice of her mother say, “My daughter, put them on and hurry to the festival! I have also spent time in Canada and Costa Rica. It is a nice little story but like so many old fairy tales it does need some work especially the element of the magical cowhide that is passed down through the generations would make for a good modern fantasy tale.

The village had festivals in the New Year, Jouanah’s step mother and daughter wanted to be the first ones there. So H,ong went out and spied on her, and told her mother that it was the cow who did the spinning. Jouanah and her dad would sit sad many days.


I don’t remember much about the book but being Hmong myself, I know that it cindeerlla similar to the story my mom told me. Finally, he arrived at Jouanah’s house. Once Upon a Poem. But she does live a long life where her sadness had been turned to joy! Oct 29, Christina rated it did not like it Shelves: On the day of the village celebration, she “called to Jouanah.

The only thing he could see was a dainty shoe, lost in the mud. A spindle is the tool used to spin thread; tow is the bundle of raw fibers waiting to be cinderflla.

Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella – Booksource

Instead of a prince, we have the son of the village Elder. The stepmother is intensely jealous. He would butcher it and be done.

Nov 02, Kaokao rated it really liked it. These ten Cinderella tales provide an assortment of stories from around the world that create natural bridges to other curricular areas.

Review citation if available Margaret A. She starved the girl, and kept her at her tasks all day. He “took three vines and wound them three times around his wife’s ankles, three times around her wrists, and three times around her head.