Thus begins The Journeys of Socrates — an odyssey that forged the character of Sergei Ivanov, whose story would one day change the lives of. The Way Begins Sergei was three when the soldiers took him. At fifteen he fled into the wilderness, with nothing to cling to but the memories of a gran. In his landmark novel, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Millman blended fact and fiction to tell the story of a young man whose life is.

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I thought I have got the ending even before finishing it.

Redfield explains how our past has been a preparation for the unique and special contributions that we can give the world, and how our collective healing can dramatically improve society as a whole. And yet, overall, the message is good and the story is great. Thank you Dan, Socrates, Ania and everyone who had to go thru what they had to go thru and still kept going.

You have to read The Socrrates of the Peaceful Warrior first, or it won’t have the milllman impact. His teacher at the hermitage, Father Serafim, teaches him to fight, while encouraging him to give up his jounreys.

So, when I heard about this book, which tells the back story of Socrates, the mentor in that book, I thought I’d check it out. Dan Millman Narrated by: I am not going to tell anything about the story as it might be spoiler for the readers. I hope they make this story into a movie.

While religion has a role in defining the characters, the book does not push religious ideology. Waking Up in Heaven. Perfect to read after he way of the peaceful warrior This book gives me an extreme appreciation for the way of the peaceful warrior and what Socrates passes to Dan to share with the world, makes me think of what all socrqtes in the world so that we are who we are now, and how a decision someone makes affects so many lifes, even a century or more later.



In Tsarist Russia, an orphaned child born of Jewish and Cossack blood grows up in a land of growing discontent. It starts where you are and it works at every level. The journeys of Socrates came to reassure and remind me of the training to live a good life. After an intensive, twenty-year spiritual quest, Dan’s teaching found its form as the Peaceful Warrior’s Way, expressed fully in his books and lectures.

It is by far the greatest breakthrough of understanding something I cannot even shape at the moment. I guess I really wanted to hear the message of self-reliance that flows th I was hooked on this story. We will come to experience who we truly are and learn to live and breathe freely. Joe Vitale Narrated by: Publisher’s Summary In 19th century Soocrates Russia an orphaned child born of Jewish and Cossack blood grows up in socrtes land of wealthy aristocrats, struggling dzn, and growing discontent.

Once Upon a Time in Russia. The Journeys of Socrates is superbly written and well-narrated story which teaches you about the way of a peaceful warrior who is broken down by tyranny and robbed of I started this book as a novel. The story was heart-wrenching watching him experience difficult times and people. However, through it all he blossoms in to a being more disciplined and amazing than most.

The Journeys of Socrates Audiobook | Dan Millman |

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I just could not put it down. I started this book as a novel. Jan 12, Fahim Khan rated it really liked it Shelves: There is the recurring reminder of his Jewish blood, his grandfather trying to infuse some of that spirit during their short time together, and Sergei ultimately finds family among the Jews. Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor.


Balance, choice, process, presence, compassion, faith, expectation, integrity, action, cycles, surrender, and unity. Siddhartha joins the ascetics, visits Gotama, embraces his earthly desires, and finally communes with nature, all in an attempt to attain Nirvana. Despite these minor flaws I still enjoyed the book tremendously for the insight, wisdom, and entertaining nature of it all.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Girl in the Blue Coat. The Journeys of Socrates is the story of a young boy’s journey towards becoming a man, through a life of hardship, trial and a lot of pain, and his ultimate triumph over his circumstances, and, himself. The Wisdom of Insecurity. This Will Make You Smarter. But are these claims scientifically accurate? I personally loved both. The Storied Life of A. In this intriguing follow-up, Socrates takes center stage.

Loved every minute of this book. Rising above and conquering himself he becomes the Socrates we know and love from the Way of the Peaceful Warrior. No Ordinary Moments By: The book is set in Tsarist Russia and follows the life of Sergei Ivanov from early childhood through his adult years.

The Journeys of Socrates by Dan Millman

I now know why you went off to Russia for martial arts training. Now he turns to the most important subject of all – understanding people’s drives and motivations, even when they are unconscious of them themselves.

That is why I purchased this audible version for a road trip my family took. It’s the strength of the over arching message that captured me and kept me reading despite very viseral disgust and dismay at times.