Ancient Indian History Kadamba Dynasty – Learn Ancient Indian History starting from Study, Geographical Background of Indian History, Writing, Sources of. Kadamba dynasty (kadamba) (ಕದಂಬ ರಾಜವಂಶ) is one of the most ancient and long serving royal dynasties of Karnataka. Apart from the Banavasi Kadambas. Kadamba family, minor dynastic power that held sway in an area to the northwest of Mysore city on the Indian subcontinent between the 4th and 6th centuries ce.

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The timestamp is only kadamha accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. Kadamba architecture — synthesis of several schools 0 to 0 Old Kannada inscriptions of Kadamba king Kamadeva c.

Architecture Forts Economies Societies. Mores has identified various cabinet and other positions in the kingdom from inscriptions. King Mayurasharma defeated the armies of the Pallavas of Kanchi possibly with help of some native tribes. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. According to the Talagunda inscription, Mayurasharma went to Kanchi the capital of the Pallavas to pursue his Vedic studies accompanied by his guru and grandfather Veerasharma.

Kadamba dynasty originating from Banavasi found its extensions in other parts of Karnataka and out side and those branches are kaadamba with separately.

In Belgaum districtHattikeshwara, Kalleshwara and Someshwara temples at Halasi and group of temples at Kadaroli illustrates the Kadamba architecture.

Many records like the Kudalur, Sirsi records speak of grants made by them to scholarly Brahmins. Bhubaneswar Chennai Lucknow Mumbai. The Kadambas emerged as the first indigenous dynasty to use Kannada, the language of the soil at an administrative level.

The inscription gives a graphic description of the happenings at Kanchi, “That the hand dextrous in grasping the Kusha grassfuel and stones, ladle, melted butter and the oblation vessel, unsheathed a flaming sword, eager to conquer the earth”-Dr. Administration was properly streamlined and the state was sub divided in to smaller units such as viSaya, rAStra and nADu.


Chandravalli, Malavalli, Talagunda, Banavasi, Gudnapura, and Halmidi have housed very important dynaety. According to Grama Vynastya Kannada work dealing with the history of the Tulu Brahmanas, Lord Shiva and goddess Parvathi gave birth to Mayurasharma under a Kadamba tree in the Sahyadri mountains and hence the name Kadamba.

Krishnavarma-1 and krishnavarma-2 belonging to the Triparvata branch fought many a war and and controlled vast reaches of land. Kadambas had been essentially Mysoreans. Govinda Pai Kuvempu D.

File:Symbol of Kadamba Dynasty.JPG

Empire Subordinate to Pallava until The most prominent feature of Kadamba architecture was Shikara called Kadamba Shikara. Apparently, the Kadamba did not offer the poet a seat to sit on and Kalidasa had dynasgy sit on the ground, indicating the Kadambas treated the ambassador from the Gupta kingdom with scant respect.

Some of their temples also use perforated screen windows.

Ravivarma, who ruled fromstood as the last ruler to expand the kingdom. Temple in dnasty Chaudayyadanapura Mukteshwara temple complex. Languages Shqip Edit links. The prime minister PradhanaSteward Manevergadesecretary of council Tantrapala or Sabhakarya Sachivascholarly elders Vidyavriddhasphysician Deshamatyaprivate secretary Rahasyadhikrithachief secretary Sarvakaryakartachief justice Dharmadhyaksha and other officials Bhojaka and Ayukta.

Their Talagunda inscription kadamha with an invocation of Lord Dynasy while the Halmidi and Banavasi inscriptions start with an invocation of Lord Vishnu. An early inscription, the accuracy of which is unknown, describes the dynastic founder, Mayurasharman, as a learned Brahman who, after being insulted by a Pallava official, took up a military career and acquired sufficient territory to bargain with the Pallavas for a feudal principality on the western coast.

File:Symbol of Kadamba – Wikimedia Commons

Built in the 10th century rynasty renovated many times, the temple is a very good piece of art. One of his successors, Kakusthavarma ruled as a powerful sovereign and even the kings of imperial Gupta Dynasty of northern India cultivated marital relationships with his family, giving a fair indication of the sovereign nature of their kingdom. Archaeological Survey of India. Kadambotsava “The festival of Kadamba”represents a festival celebrated every year by Government of Karnataka in honor of this kingdom.


The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica.


It states that Mayurasharma had been a native of Talagunda, in dnasty day Shimoga district and his family got its name from the Kadamba tree that grew dynasgy his home. Although a dynasty short in duration, less than two centuries, the Kadamba influence passed on to dynasties that followed making its presence felt even today.

It is further claimed that they were a Kannadiga Dravidian family inducted into the Brahminic fold as was popular in the medieval times.

Gupta Empire Varman dynasty. One of their earliest inscriptions, the Talagunda inscription of Santivarma gives what may be the most possible cause for the emergence of the Kadamba kingdom. This style of Shikara are used several centuries later in the Doddagaddavalli Hoysala temple and the Mahakuta temples in Hampi.

Mention kadamb the north Indian origin of the Kadambas appear only in their later records of their offshoot descendant dynasty, deemed legendary. Kadambas are given the distinction of being the first indigenous dynasty from Karnataka with Kannada having the prime place in administration. There are many shrines with Kadamba superstructure at Mahakuta including Bhimeshwara ling dynsaty, newly dynaety temple outside main temple complex.

Kadamba architecture was a style of temple architecture founded by Mayurasharma in the 4th century AD in KarnatakaIndia [1] Kadambas created new style of architecture which was the basis of the Hoysalas style of architecture, developed original school of sculpture, was the forerunner of series of South Indian sculptors.


Later, when more coins came to limelight, the next year, he managed to attribute it to the Kadambas of Banavasi. However, after a period of time, availing himself of the confusion caused by the defeat of Pallava Vishnugopa by Samudragupta from the Allahabad inscriptionsMayurasharma carved out a kingdom with Banavasi near Talagunda as his ydnasty. He was the grand son of Veera Sharma and son of Bhandhu Shena.