Lacoste-Inosanto Kali is a system of martial arts developed by Dan Inosanto consisting of many distinct systems of Filipino Martial Arts. Martial arts Medina, martial arts training in Medina Ohio by Filipino Kali. Join us for this special workshop, with Kevin Pinkerton, one of our students, who will share his extensive background in martial arts and as a student under the.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cardinali, Roma Italia Email: He trained Shoot wrestling under Yorinaga Nakamura. If you have the desire to learn, and better yourself mentally and physically, Sifu Louis, and inozanto rest of the Combat CFMA family will provide you with the tools to achieve that.

September 7, By admin.

Esimerkiksi Wing Chunin harjoittelu parantaa samalla harjoittelijan Kali-tekniikoita. Sifu Louis has a great way of making the kids’ class fun while also teaching discipline.

We offer separate classes for adults, youth, and children in the Kali Combat System. It is our true belief that each individual has the right to self-defense and self-preservation. Our Mission Our mission is to provide top quality training in both external and internal functional Martial Arts for people who are looking to improve all facets of their lives.

Jeet Kune Do One-inch punch Straight blast.

Email for further information. I have learned stand up and ground fighting, as well as weapons fighting and defenses, since the first class. France 33 USA Address: Testimonials I took Kenpo in high school, but could not continue after going off to college.



Poem by Guro Dan Inosanto We are all climbing different paths through the mountain of life, and we have all experienced kli hardship kall strife. Michael Nitz Berlin, Germany Phone: This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat Views Read Edit View history. Your love and patience show through in everything you do. It offers realistic solutions to real life confrontations. We are all climbing different paths through the mountain of life, and we have all experienced much hardship and strife.

New Inosanto Online Stores We are excited to announce that we have two brand new online stores! Sifu inozanto very impressive as an instructor accredited in multiple martial arts, but is also a great person reflected in the spirit in which he teaches.

I have effectively inosant techniques and skills at work without having to think about it. Guro Dan Inosanto took suitable techniques out of those different styles and combined them into a new system: Some paths are short and others are long, who can say which path is right or wrong?

June 10, By admin. Sifu Louis has taught me not only martial arts and Kali Combat, but also what loyalty, respect, and trust really mean. When looking inosantk a place to begin training in martial arts, my husband and I looked at several places, and really liked what we saw with the unique style of training at Combat CFMA.

inosanto-kali – The Academy Dallas – Martial Arts

Liikesarjoja ei ole, lukuunottamatta Wing Chunia. Return to top of page. The styles and movements are scientific, yet so simplistic and economic.

Meera is loving her class. Nyt sinullakin on kzli oppia monipuolista ja realistista itsepuolustusta valtuutettujen opettajien ohjauksessa. All skills are taught in a safe environment regardless of gender, age or skill set.


Martial arts Instructor, Actor. I can’t say enough good things about Sifu Louis and his combat system. He is a kxli supporter of the law enforcement community and understands the types of combat situations we face.

Instructors Worldwide

The training spans from simple self-defense moves to sophisticated wooden dummy form and techniques. Demonstrate your commitment by attending on a regular basis and we will work with you on developing real fighting skills that will stay with you for life.

Shawn Zirger Dupont St. His system is very empowering for women and children, inossanto I now trust my abilities to defend myself. Inosanto holds Instructor or black belt level ranks in several martial arts. Il y enseigne le Jeet Kune Do et les arts philippins depuis Harjoitteet ovat tarkkaan valittu, jotta lajit nivoutuisivat yhdeksi kokonaisuudeksi. Through regular practice and attendance, you inosatno gain the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have the ability to effectively defend yourself and loved ones if needed.

Filipino Kali – Inosanto Lacoste blend –

He was a student of Ed Parkerfrom whom he received a shodan rank in American Kenpo. Cookies help us deliver our services. More importantly, they work! Please RSVP 30 days prior to event.