KAMMA IS AN ANCIENT CASTE GROUP IN INDIA LIVING IN ANANTAPUR, CHITTOOR, KADAPA, KURNOOL, NELLORE Different views expressed by people regarding Kamma tribe origin, like. . Posted by KAMMA CHARITRA at 6: 58 AM. Kamma caste is a South Indian Dravidian caste. books like (a) Vismrutha Andhra Nayakulu, (b) Kammavari Charitra, (c) Andhrula Charitra. View the profiles of people named Kamma Charitra. Join Facebook to connect with Kamma Charitra and others you may know. Facebook gives people the.

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F Jagarlamudi Lakshmi Padmavathi – Ex. After the decline of major kingdoms, Kammas controlled large fertile areas in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Naduas a legacy of their martial past.

Despite this attachment to Brahminical orthodoxy, the Kammas related to the Kapus cultivators and their Shudra identity. All these have origins of still kamam dynasties of Andhra and north India These 4 Dynasties are: Marutheeraja May 26, at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

KAMMA KULA CHARITRA: Medieval history

Parties, Elections and Mobilisation. Journal of the Andhra Historical Society. The armies of Zamindars and Deshmukhs were dismantled and only the power of tax collection was left intact.


Raja Pravara indicates to which Royal Race or lineage chwritra belong. Kammavani Chetulu Kattinaa Nilavadu Telugu: A large number of families has already transplanted themselves to urban centres in India and abroad. Though shivaji-marathas fought with muguls they are still shudras and not Kshatriyas.

Shiva B March 25, at The Kammas lost their noble rank and were forced into farming. Marutheeraja May 20, at 9: The British recognized their prominence and made them village heads Talari also known as Chowdary to collect taxes. It doesnot matter how all these castes came up and who is superior. The Modern Anthropology of India: Rudraraju surname Rajus are direct descendants of this Natavati king.

Unknown September 28, at 4: Loss of interest in agriculture and the lure of urban environment have only exacerbated the situation. Kamma landholdings were consolidated, and their influence consequently increased, by the introduction of the ryotwari system as a replacement for the zamindari system in the 19th century.

The varna system of Brahmanic ritual ranking never took hold in South Indian society outside Kerala. This article is about the caste.

All of these families still live in and around the Hampi area. Kammas are politically active, in all the regions of Andhra Pradesh and parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.



The association of Kammas with the land and agriculture is legendary. Kammas thickly concentrated in Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam distrcts. Kota Chiefs had marital relations with Kakatiya kings.

He immediately reinstated these rulers as his vassals and married the daughter of Pratapa Rudra as a truce offering. Retrieved 30 March Many clans belonging to Kamma social group figure prominently in the battles during Vijayanagara era and in the subsequent years. It is not my theory it’s a fact. Minister Jagarlamudi Raghava Rao – Ex. In medieval times the term ‘Kapu’ meant a farmer or protector.

Another warrior of repute was Muppidi Nayaka who went on an expedition to Kanchi cbaritra, defeated the Pandya king and merged it with Kakatiya dynasty in CE.

The whole indian caste system us very strong. We should not get others caste name.